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Five Things the EPA Wants You To Know About Mold – Part Two

What to Know About Mold Spore Clouds

What to Know About Mold Spore Clouds

Mold may be a natural part of our environment, but indoor infestations are nothing to be taken lightly. Our NYC mold removal experts want to help you stay informed. Here is the second installment of things you should know about mold according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Five More Facts About Interior Mold

1. When moisture is present, it doesn’t take long for mold to establish a colony. Clean and dry any damp surfaces, materials or furnishings immediately. The optimum window is within 24-48 hours to prevent mold spores from getting a foothold.

2. If you find mold on hard surfaces, remove with detergent and water and dry thoroughly. Ceiling tiles and other porous or absorbent materials may need to be completely replaced.

3. Add insulation to windows, pipes, roofs, exterior walls and any other places where condensation is likely to form.

4. Carpeting plus dampness is a sure-fire formula for mold development. Avoid carpeting in areas where moisture is often present, such as around sinks or on concrete floors with frequent condensation.

5. Don’t assume any surface is mold-proof. As long as moisture is available, mold can grow on food, wood, paper, carpet and a number of other materials.

MoldExterm: Safe, Non-Invasive NYC Mold Removal

Our proprietary MoldExterm program is eco-friendly, non-invasive and helps prevent mold from returning. Treatment can usually be completed in just one day. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free inspection and learn more about our NYC mold removal services.

Mold Cleanup Tips from Our Professionals

DIY Mold Clean-Up Tips

DIY Mold Clean-Up Tips

Have you discovered a small patch of mold growing in your home or building? If the area covers less than 10 square feet, you may be able to clean it yourself. Our Manhattan mold removal professionals offer some helpful DIY mold cleanup tips.

How to Clean Up Mold

-If mold was caused by leaks, repair them as soon as possible and completely dry all affected areas.

-Use a mixture of detergent and water to scrub mold from hard surfaces. Bleach and other chemicals are not recommended for mold cleanup.

-Don’t attempt to cover mold with paint or caulk. Clean and dry surfaces thoroughly before applying any substances.

-Disposal is the best treatment for infested carpets, ceiling tiles and other porous items. Mold penetrates the spaces of porous items, making cleanup virtually impossible.

-Avoid direct contact with mold. Wear gloves, goggles and a respirator during cleanup. Keep others away from the infested areas unless they are also wearing protective equipment.

-Even if mold is successfully removed, it may result in staining and cosmetic damage.

-Once mold is cleaned up, improve ventilation and clean more often to prevent it from returning.

-If mold is caused by contaminated water or it’s infested the HVAC system, don’t attempt to clean it yourself. You should also consult a professional if an infested item is expensive or has sentimental value.

Turn to the Top Manhattan Mold Removal Experts

When it comes to mold cleanup, you can’t afford to guess. Our Manhattan mold removal team has extensive experience with mold cleanup in any situation, no matter how big or small. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free mold inspection.

The CDC Says You Can Control Mold!

You Can Effectively Control Mold

You Can Effectively Control Mold

Think of mold like a household pest. It inevitably invades your home like ants or roaches, but the problem gets worse if you aren’t doing anything for prevention or control. Don’t let a plumbing leak or high moisture levels contribute to indoor mold.

The CDC has tips for controlling mold to help prevent another breakout after you get NYC mold removal to clean up the current mess.

How to Clean Mold Spots

When mold has infested wood, drywall, or other porous surfaces, ask an NYC mold removal specialist for help. The typical mold spots on bathroom tile are much easier to clean.

To clean mold from hard surfaces:

– Use spray cleaners that kill mold, such as bleach products

– Make a DIY mold killing solution with soapy water or bleach

– Do not mix different cleaners, especially bleach and ammonia

– Ventilate windows, use rubber gloves

– Bring in professional mold removal for more than 10 square feet

Dehumidify to Control Mold

The CDC also warns that moisture creates a breeding ground for mold. That’s why you often find mold after a flood or leak and in places like bathrooms and basements.

Be sure to remediate flood damage immediately and get rid of old carpets and rugs in bathrooms or anywhere near moisture. Check that your air conditioner, laundry machines, and cooking equipment are well ventilated.

Get Control with NYC Mold Removal

The sooner you get rid of mold and dehumidify the building, the better your chances of avoiding respiratory disease and other health problems.

Stern Mold offers a free inspection for our low-cost, guaranteed NYC mold removal service. Call 888.887.8376 to schedule a visit.

Mold on Walls – Everything You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

Are health-damaging fungi infiltrating the very walls of your home? If you’ve developed irregular health issues lately, a mold problem could be the cause. Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts have the resources and know-how to keep mold from infiltrating your safe haven. We help you stay informed so fungus doesn’t pose a threat to you or your loved ones.

Mold Growth- It’s Not a Feature Wall

Can you see mold on your walls? Here are some signs to look for to determine if a Manhattan mold removal team needs to visit your home:

– A moldy scent in the air.

– Abnormal allergic reactions.

– Paint on walls that is cracking, peeling or chipping.

– Bulging and discolored walls. These are signs that moisture is either on the wall or hiding behind in areas not exposed to the natural air flow.

– High humidity in the room. Mold loves humidity. Just because you aren’t experiencing or seeing all the symptoms of mold growth doesn’t mean it’s not occurring behind closed walls.

What Type of Wall Do You Have?

Treatment options for mold depend on the area in which it grows. Visible non-porous mold on interior walls may be less intrusive to eradicate. If your cellulose-rich drywall is impacted, cutting out the mold infested drywall is necessary.

Wallpaper glue and wall cavities produce organic materials that mold love to feed on. Be wary of potential hiding places and thoroughly address any water leaks that encourage mold growth.

Keep in Touch!

Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team finds and eradicates mold-affected walls, keeping you safe from long-term health issues and concerns. Get your free inspection today. We’ll help you breathe easier!

When Should You Call in the Pros to Do Your Mold Cleanup?

It May be Time to Call in the Mold Removal Pros for NJ and NYC - Stern Mold!

It May be Time to Call in the Mold Removal Pros for NJ and NYC – Stern Mold!

Most of us have experience cleaning mold—at least from around the tub, sink, toilet, or on kitchen countertops. Those hard surfaces can be disinfected and wiped down easily. Assuming you don’t have asthma or a respiratory problem, it’s safe to clean up small, isolated spots of mold.

But when you’re facing a significant mold infestation or have a respiratory condition like asthma, NYC mold removal services get the job done better while preventing health scares.

Hazards of DIY Mold Cleanup

Experts, including the CDC and EPA, recommend calling professional mold remediators for several reasons:

– Mold cleaning kicks up mold and spores, increasing the risk of mold sickness

– Those with asthma or lung diseases should not touch mold

– Special tools and encapsulation products should be used

– Wood, drywall, and other porous surfaces require professional mold removal

When to Call for Professional NYC Mold Removal

Mold often spreads, invisibly, to places throughout a home or building. Cleaning with household products does not stop the spores from growing more mold later.

Even if you are a physically healthy adult, you should bring in a professional to check for mold in the walls, in your HVAC equipment, and throughout the home.

In office buildings or multi-family dwellings, always assume that mold exists in multiple units. Especially those with shared walls or ductwork.

Free Inspection for NYC Mold Removal

You have nothing to lose when you call Stern Mold for a free mold inspection. We provide New York and New Jersey mold removal using bioremediation and a polymer seal, meaning we can kill mold spores without tearing out walls. Contact us now for more info!

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