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Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

If the science surrounding mold health issues has not made the problem clear enough, consider how a real person’s life can be turned upside down by toxic mold. In a Jacksonville apartment complex, one woman battled illness for months and eventually left her home behind when the management company did not pay for mold clean-up.

Shelby Nettles told reporters that persistent apartment mold problems gave her swelling, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. She had racked up bills from repeated doctor’s visits.

This situation is a prime example of how many landlords handle mold problems less than ideally:

• The tenant falls ill or has worsening respiratory symptoms, unaware of the mold

• Mold gets discovered in the apartment, often in places such as the kitchen, laundry room, or air conditioning unit

• The landlord responds slowly or not at all

• Local media coverage tells the tenant’s story and calls out the management company

• Ultimately, the landlord pays the tenant’s health bills, refunds rent, or loses the occupancy

Property managers—how does your company respond to mold reports? Many are afraid of costly mold remediation and putting up tenants in hotels. But the problem gets worse without acting.

Our NYC mold removal process is cheap, fast, and minimally invasive. No need to tear out drywall; our MoldExterm system kills mold fungus and bacteria, then we apply a polymer sealant so spores cannot regenerate.

Landlords, renters, co-op owners, and condo residents should be aware of Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal service. Consider MoldExterm to be a tiny fraction of the cost as the smeared reputation and lost tenants that come with inaction. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

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Learn About Mold: The Mold Life Cycle

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

The circle of life can be a beautiful thing, but not when it comes to mold colonies. The mold life cycle can be fascinating on a scientific level, but on the gut level, it’s just gross.

Understanding its life cycle helps shine light on why a scientifically-proven NYC mold removal service is necessary to break that cycle down.

The Life Cycle of Mold

Moisture, nutrients, and oxygen set the stage for the mold life cycle to begin. The cycle can be put on pause for years, then restarted when the spores find hospitable conditions again.

The first life stage of mold begins with a tiny filament called a hypha. Hyphae cells go unnoticed by the naked eye. They feed on wood, paper, food, or whatever organic matter they have found.

Matured hyphae then grow larger structures called mycelium, the hairy or fuzzy part of mold that you see. Mycelia extend into the air so their spores can easily spread.

Spores are the asexual reproductive parts of mold—essentially seeds that can grow new hyphae cells and start the process over again whenever the conditions are favorable.

Break the Cycle with NYC Mold Removal

Routine cleaning does not stop mold. If you spray a multi-purpose cleaner or even douse bleach on the mold spot, you might kill most of the mold but some hyphae and spores will remain.

That’s why our NYC mold removal process includes two steps: killing the fungus with an EPA-registered cleaning agent, then applying a polymer seal to create a lasting barrier.

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal service is surprisingly affordable, fast, easy, and safe. Contact us today for a free mold inspection.

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Truth or Fiction: Should I Be Worried About Mold?

Not All Mold Needs Treatment, Get a Free Inspection

Not All Mold Needs Treatment, Get a Free Inspection

The way late-night local news and personal injury attorneys describe it, you might have the impression that mold carries enormous, fatal health risks for everybody. That’s not exactly true.

On the one hand, landlords and businesses should worry about mold-related lawsuits. On the other, people can relax—just a bit—knowing that many horror stories about mold are exaggerated.

Mold often triggers painful symptoms in people with respiratory problems. Breathing in too much mold can even hurt healthy people. More commonly, mold damages property when left untreated.

Common Myths About Mold

Gailen Marshall of UT Medical School recently delineated some of the facts and fiction about mold:

• Various types of mold exist everywhere, inside and outside our homes

• Mold has not been proven to cause brain damage

• You should not pay for a mold test (we offer a free inspection for peace of mind)

• Most mold problems do not have to turn your life upside down (Stern Mold can kill mold without ripping out drywall!)

• People with allergies, asthma, and compromised immune systems are the most likely to experience mold health problems

The Best Way to Treat Mold

At Stern Mold, we don’t like to use fear-mongering to sell our NJ mold removal service. The truth about mold is bad enough.

Untreated mold causes serious property damage and can cause or exacerbate lung diseases and breathing problems.

What you might not know is that NJ mold removal has gotten cheap and fast. Stern Mold’s scientifically advanced system kills mold and seals surfaces so that the spores never grow back.

Think you have mold or mold-related health symptoms? Contact Stern Mold or call 888-887-8376 for a free inspection.

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He Wore a Hazmat Suit to Move Their Property – One Family’s Story on Mold

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

When a neighbor mentioned that her apartment had mold, the Baker family realized they might have figured out the cause of their health problems. The parents and their 1-year-old child had suffered various illnesses caused by mold, including bronchitis, skin allergies, and even pneumonia. A look inside their air conditioning vents confirmed their fears.

When Mold Gets Left to Fester

The Bakers’ mold story was featured on their local ABC News station in Houston, telling reporters that their ongoing respiratory problems were caused by toxic black mold.

An inspector found high levels of penicillium, aspergillus, and stachybotrys. Their apartment complex, Skylar Pointe, responded to the family’s complaints by hiring their own mold inspector.

Housing laws allowed the Bakers to terminate their lease and move out immediately. The apartment company now has a vacancy and needs to make the unit habitable.

For the Bakers, the consequences of mold extended beyond financial stress and health scare. They also lost numerous personal effects. Even Mrs. Baker’s wedding dress ended up in a dumpster because it was believed to be contaminated with spores—spores that can lay dormant and activate years later unless killed and sealed off.

Landlords Are Generally Responsible for NJ Mold Removal

Mold often strikes multiple units in apartment and condo buildings because the spores can easily spread through walls. When one tenant reports mold, management should not hesitate to get a free inspection and move forward with our NJ mold removal treatment.

Stern Mold uses scientifically advanced methods that do not require remodeling or expensive cleaning. Contact us for a free inspection and more info about the MoldExterm bioremedial option for NJ mold removal.

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American Industrial Hygiene Association Weighs in on the Facts About Mold

Mold Needs to Be Taken Seriously

Mold Needs to Be Taken Seriously

Once a conversation about mold damage begins, opinions and emotions get heated. Employees get angry with the boss, apartment dwellers demand action from the landlord, and everybody fears negative health outcomes and expensive property damage.

Making matters worse, it’s often hard to find trustworthy sources of information that are relevant to your situation. There are countless varieties of mold and everybody responds to mold exposure in a unique way.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association publishes one of the industry’s most respected books on mold inspection and removal. After compiling a large panel of experts, the AIHA cataloged the facts and dispelled many myths about mold.

The most important takeaways from the AIHA mold report include:

• Working or living around mold increases the risk of lung diseases

• Increased risk groups include babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and those with asthma or immune disorders

• Toxic mold can be any color; there are multiple species of black mold with varying levels of toxicity

• Mold is everywhere, but large quantities and damaged property are the real problems

• Removing moisture is the #1 key for NY mold removal

How Dangerous Is Indoor Mold?

As a NY mold removal service, we hear all sides of the issue and help property managers, residents, and workers find solutions for remediation that are affordable and safe.

When mold has been found, stay calm but remember that mold exposure brings health concerns even in otherwise healthy adults.

Don’t panic — take action by getting a free mold inspection from Stern Mold. Our proprietary NY mold removal service is less expensive than standard mold remediation, and we work quickly with minimal downtime for your business or home.

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