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Typical Traditional Mold Removal Costs Continue to Climb

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

Mold is part of the environment and serves a useful purpose to the planet. Without it, the world would be a drab landscape of dead and decaying plant matter.

While we don’t want to interfere with Mother Nature outside, we do need to intervene when mold makes its way into the home or business. When this occurs, a NYC mold treatment specialist is needed to remedy the problem.

Causes of Mold

Mold loves moisture; the more the better. Mold also has a healthy appetite and our homes have a buffet of food sources such as window frames, bathroom tile, insulation, and drywall. Basements and crawlspaces are another idyllic mold hideaway.

Mold and Your Health

There’s a list of health issues caused by mold that can cause a variety of issues from skin irritations and headaches to breathing difficulties and allergic reactions.

Mycotoxins are produced by mold, which can be inhaled or come in contact with the skin if exposed to moldy surfaces. This can lead to more serious issues including lung cancer.

Removing Mold

For home or business owners, repairing places affected by mold is the first step. This includes roof leaks and leaking pipes that allow moisture to accumulate. The next step is contacting a professional service.

Mold Testing

When a professional mold specialist is on the job, they’ll examine the area to look for sources of moisture past and present. The indoor air quality is also checked to determine if there are airborne mold spores present.

For a free inspection, contact Stern Mold. Our NYC mold treatment process along with our staff of experts will get your home smelling fresh and mold free.

Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Mold - An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

No one wants mold in their home but unfortunately, our homes provide plenty of places for the toxin to hide. Finding the hiding spots and addressing issues is the first step in monitoring and maintaining a mold-free environment.

Mold and Health Issues

Mold is common and causes a variety of symptoms to those who come in contact with the spores. A few of the most common symptoms include:

– autoimmunity

– asthma

– fatigue

– hair loss

– headaches

– insomnia

– nausea

– weight loss

Places of Interest

One area in the home that can be a hotbed of activity for moisture is the bathroom. Humidity gathers in the room and creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. To help eliminate moisture and humidity, always run the fan to keep the room ventilated. If your bathroom doesn’t have a small exhaust fan, have one installed.

Do visual checks around sink pipes under the cabinets in the kitchen and vanity in the bathroom, as well as behind wallpaper exposed to humidity. Find the source and contact an NYC mold removal specialist to address the problem.

Another area to check is your car. If there are any openings where the seals lining the trunk or around windows have deteriorated or been damaged, water can seep in, accumulate in upholstery, and create that musty smell that is a sure sign of mold.

Water pipes leaking behind a wall and roof leaks will affect drywall, floors, and ceiling tiles where mold can grow and wreak havoc.

If you have a moldy situation, calling in professional NYC mold removal specialists from Stern Mold is recommended. We know how to treat mold safely. Call us today.

Could Your Child’s School Be Involved in a Mold Cover-up?

Is you Children's School Harboring Mold?

Is you Children’s School Harboring Mold?

Parents of students at Providence High School have been persistent in their complaints that there’s something amiss in the air that is making their children sick.

A meeting with Superintendent Clayton Wilcox was scheduled so parents could put pressure on the school to look into what is causing the problem.

Students and faculty were complaining of headaches, fatigue, and sinus problems and noting the problem was mold related. While contractors were brought in and the principal had notified families that a second contractor had been scheduled, there remains a stigma of suspicion that the school authorities had not been as forthcoming with information as they should have been.

Contractors that had been called in to check for mold did in fact find evidence of water damage and possible mold-damaged ceiling tiles. Due to inaccurate information being provided by school officials, it’s evident Providence High needs a thorough inspection by state health officials to determine the extent of damage and to clean up the problems.

As of this writing, when asked, a school official replied that “the district has and will bring in outside resources as necessary to respond to any issues found.”

If you’re experiencing symptoms of mold at home, don’t wait to get professional help. Certain mold types are harmful to your health and should be removed as soon as possible.

At Stern Mold, our focus is on NYC mold treatment to keep your home or business free and clear. With our NYC mold treatment known as MoldExterm on the job, we can take care of eradicating the problem quickly, efficiently, and with less cost than traditional remediation. Call today for a free inspection.

Mold Spores May Trigger Asthmatic Reactions

Mold Spores Float in the Air

Mold Spores Float in the Air

If you’re someone who suffers from asthma, then you know how hard it is to avoid certain triggers. Mold spores may be among the most potent triggers that you can face. If you have mold in your home, you may have tried a number of methods to get rid of it but to no avail. That means that it’s time for a professional approach. When it comes to mold removal NJ residents are quick to place their trust in Stern Mold.

Why is Mold so Hard to Avoid?

Mold spores are everywhere, so you can’t escape them in your home. Mold can grow very quickly; as long as there is a food source and humid air. That’s why certain areas in your home are the perfect places for it to thrive. You may have noticed mold in your:

• Kitchen

• Bathroom

• Laundry room

• Basement

• Garage

The other issue is that the spores travel through the air. This is what makes it so difficult for you to breathe when you’re around it.

Can Mold be Prevented in Your Home?

There are ways you can try to prevent mold. During the warm months of the year, run an air conditioner or dehumidifier. This will take moisture out of the air. Make sure any spills or leaks are cleaned up quickly because mold can grow in standing water.

Unfortunately, there are times when you won’t be able to prevent this fungus from invading your home. At Stern Mold, we offer professional mold removal. We’re here to assist you in keeping your home safe for every member of your family. Contact us for a free inspection!


A Snapshot of History – Mold Over Time

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Services

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Services

Ancient humans had no idea that microorganisms exist, but that doesn’t mean they were clueless about the risks and dangers of mold. Long ago, people remediated mold problems much like the mold removal techniques we use in NYC buildings today. Thankfully, the technology and science have come a long way!

As detailed by mycologist Richard Progovitz in his book, there is a long history of mold around the world.

– Tomb raiders in ancient Egypt often became ill or died of respiratory problems. Hieroglyphics indicate the tombs had pungent air that likely contained toxic mold spores.

– The Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament describes a belief that mold-infected clothing and linens could cause illness. Priests were responsible for mold remediation, including cleaning the items and burning them if mold returned.

In short, people were concerned by mold long before they knew that fungi grew from microscopic mold spores. They knew that mold smells, damages property, and caused health problems.

The Modern Method of Mold Removal that NYC Trusts

We now understand that mold spores can be found everywhere, in the air and on surfaces. We also know that the most likely conditions for mold growth include moisture (from plumbing leaks or simply high humidity) and stagnant air (ventilation helps).

Proper mold clean-up is essential. Mold spores can regrow quickly if you don’t take care of the entire problem.

Stern Mold offers a guaranteed method of mold removal that NYC businesses, hotels, apartments, and other building owners trust for affordable, safe remediation. Our two-step sanitizing and sealing process kills mold spores and prevents reoccurrence.

Contact us for a FREE inspection by our mold removal NYC specialists.

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