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Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children – What Parents Should Know

Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children - What Parents Should Know

Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children – What Parents Should Know

Many homes – over 50 percent – have been affected by water damage. Whether from a leaking roof, burst pipes, or a broken water heater, water has seeped in and left behind toxic mold, which can leave children not feeling well.

Toxic Mold Health Issues

Mold is a leading threat to children’s health around the world and presents itself in many ways. Just a few of the symptoms related to mold include:

– Flu-like symptoms

– Sore Throats

– Ear aches

– Coughing

– Painful joints

– Immune disorders

– Sinus infections

Steps to Take

One of the first steps to take is getting up-to-date on mold and the effects it may be having on your family. This is especially helpful if family members are sick and the doctor can’t seem to cure the problem.

Mold is often in hidden places like the basement, attic, crawl spaces, and behind drywall. Whether mold spores are present or not, schedule an inspection by a professional specializing in mold removal in New Jersey.

Once the home is inspected and a plan of action in place, you’ll be taking a positive step to help put family members on the road to recovery.

When you’re faced with a mold issue in your home, contact Stern for professional mold removal in New Jersey. Our experienced staff will provide a free inspection of your home and address your concerns quickly so everyone can breathe easier and enjoy better health.

Employees – How to Report Mold in Your Workplace to Your Manager

Is Mold Making You Sick in Your Office?

Is Mold Making You Sick in Your Office?

You may be putting your health in jeopardy if you’re working in a place that has a serious mold problem. As you may know, it doesn’t take time for mold to spread. As it spreads, it can cause respiratory issues and other health concerns.

As an employee, you have the right to a safe work environment. When it comes to mold removal in New Jersey, employers know they need to act quickly. If you’re not sure how to report a mold problem, we’d like to help you.

Steps to Take to Report Mold at Work

Here, we’ve broken down exactly what steps you should take if you discover a mold problem in your place of employment:

– Report it to your manager immediately through email. This gives you a record of your report.

– Be specific. Include the location of the problem, what it looked like, and its size.

– Talk about any surrounding issues that you feel may be contributing to the problem. An example might be moisture in the basement. Make sure to mention any recent leaks or other issues that could be the cause.

– If a response doesn’t come right away, talk with the manager in person.

– Contact your local OSHA office if nothing is being done to remedy the problem quickly.

Protecting Yourself From Mold Exposure

Once you’ve reported the problem, you need to protect yourself. If you’ve been exposed to the mold for a long time, it’s wise to see a doctor. You need to know that you’re health hasn’t been affected.

At Stern Mold, we offer mold removal in New Jersey. We can help if you have a mold problem. Contact us!

NYC Mold Removal – Mold Reaction What’s at Stake?

Mold Affects People Differently By Age and Medical Condition

Mold Affects People Differently By Age and Medical Condition

Mold hits some people harder than others, but anyone can experience a negative mold reaction. The symptoms can range from itchy eyes to serious respiratory illnesses, so it’s always safest to call for NYC mold removal if you think you have an infestation.

At-Risk Groups for Mold Reactions

If you manage an apartment building, hotel, or office space, it’s virtually guaranteed that some of your tenants and guests will be at high risk for mold-related health problems. Homes with children or elderly family members should be on alert, too.

Health conditions linked to mold reactions include:

– Asthma and allergies

– Cancer or chemotherapy

– Lung disease

– Liver disease

– HIV or other immune disorders

Mold Affects Everyone

When exposed to mold in large quantities or for an extended period of time, even a healthy adult with no known allergies might develop a reaction. The most common symptoms:

– Itchy, red eyes

– Runny nose

– Dermatitis (rashes)

– Wheezing, irritated lungs

– And other allergy and respiratory problems

NYC Mold Removal Prevents an Expensive Disaster

Too often, the health effects of mold go unnoticed while people struggle through months of coughing, sneezing, and allergic reactions to mold.

In the worst case scenario, an entire office or apartment building might see several tenants hospitalized due to mold reaction. A tragedy for the victims, and perhaps a costly lawsuit for the landlord.

With so much at stake, consider getting a mold inspection sooner rather than later for NYC mold removal services.

The inspection is free, and Stern Mold uses the MoldExterm system that is less costly and disruptive compared to traditional tear-out methods.

Contact Stern Mold for NYC mold removal with a lasting solution.

NYC Mold Removal – Is Mold Abatement Mold Removal?

What IS the Difference Between Mold Abatement and Mold Removal? Read On.

What IS the Difference Between Mold Abatement and Mold Removal? Read On.

If you’ve been researching ways to get rid of mold, you’ve probably come across several industry terms such as mold abatement and mold remediation. In practice, your NYC mold removal service should use a variety of tactics to kill mold, remove it from the property, and encapsulate it to prevent regrowth.

The Difference Between Mold Abatement and Mold Removal

People use the various terms for mold treatment interchangeably at times. Here’s how our NYC mold removal experts would define each one:

Mold abatement refers to any complete solution that removes mold and/or prevents it from growing on surfaces and affecting air quality.

Mold removal is the component of treatment that involves killing mold with antimicrobial solutions and safely removing it from the area without disturbing spores.

In other words, a complete and effective mold treatment involves more than just mold removal. Mold abatement might include encapsulating surfaces so dormant mold spores cannot grow back months or years later, as well as dehumidifiers to prevent a mold infestation from coming back.

You may also hear the phrase mold remediation, which is the old term for practices that were borrowed from lead and asbestos removal. Traditional mold remediation involves drastic measures of mold removal, such as tearing out drywall.

NYC Mold Removal for a More Permanent Solution

Do you want more than a band-aid solution for mold? Make sure to choose a mold removal company with a multi-pronged approach. Stern Mold uses advanced mold abatement methods including a polymer sealant to block mold growth instead of ripping out walls.

Contact us for a free inspection and get non-invasive, more affordable NYC mold removal with a guarantee.

What to Know About NYC Mold Removal – Is It Worth the Effort?

Good hygiene routines around the house are essential to fighting off the growth of mold.

Good hygiene routines around the house are essential to fighting off the growth of mold.

What is mold remediation and is it something that’s necessary for every property owner who sees evidence of mold? The answer can be yes and no. Like most everything, there are two sides to every story and mold is no exception.

To Remediate or Not – That is the Question

Any reputable NYC mold removal specialist will tell you that mold is alive and well and has been since the beginning of time, and then tell you what needs to be done to make your property mold-free. On the reverse side, you may run into businesses that try to scare you into believing you need a series of tests and inspections to determine the extent of the moldy encroachment in your basement, attic, or under the sink.

Unfortunately, mold remediation has become big business and not everyone has your best interests at heart. If you’re considering hiring a mold remediation service, just be aware that you may not need all the bells and whistles they’re selling in order to de-mold your home or business.

There are certain steps to be taken to remove mold safely. You don’t want to dislodge mold spores to infiltrate unaffected areas. While most mold isn’t toxic, it can be problematic for some, which makes safety a primary focus.

For this reason, hiring a licensed NYC mold removal professional is recommended. With a professional on board, there is no second-guessing or additional steps taken that aren’t necessary.

When mold finds moisture in your home, it’s only natural for it to set up housekeeping. With a call to Stern, we’ll be sure to give it the boot on it’s way out.

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