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Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

If the science surrounding mold health issues has not made the problem clear enough, consider how a real person’s life can be turned upside down by toxic mold. In a Jacksonville apartment complex, one woman battled illness for months and eventually left her home behind when the management company did not pay for mold clean-up.

Shelby Nettles told reporters that persistent apartment mold problems gave her swelling, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. She had racked up bills from repeated doctor’s visits.

This situation is a prime example of how many landlords handle mold problems less than ideally:

• The tenant falls ill or has worsening respiratory symptoms, unaware of the mold

• Mold gets discovered in the apartment, often in places such as the kitchen, laundry room, or air conditioning unit

• The landlord responds slowly or not at all

• Local media coverage tells the tenant’s story and calls out the management company

• Ultimately, the landlord pays the tenant’s health bills, refunds rent, or loses the occupancy

Property managers—how does your company respond to mold reports? Many are afraid of costly mold remediation and putting up tenants in hotels. But the problem gets worse without acting.

Our NYC mold removal process is cheap, fast, and minimally invasive. No need to tear out drywall; our MoldExterm system kills mold fungus and bacteria, then we apply a polymer sealant so spores cannot regenerate.

Landlords, renters, co-op owners, and condo residents should be aware of Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal service. Consider MoldExterm to be a tiny fraction of the cost as the smeared reputation and lost tenants that come with inaction. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

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Leaks in Library and Mold Found in Basement Cause Building Closure

Leaks in Library and Mold Found in Basement Cause Building Closure

Leaks in Library and Mold Found in Basement Cause Building Closure

Staying quiet at the library can be difficult when there’s a major leak problem and mold is growing throughout the building. That’s the case at two public libraries in Jackson, Mississippi, which are facing temporary closures.

The leaks had gotten so bad that staff members relied on dozens of buckets to collect dripping water throughout the library.

In addition to the daily hassle of emptying buckets, staff and visitors had to worry about health risks due to mold. Although the mold was primarily found in the basement, it had spread to the air ducts where it affected everyone in the building.

Children and the elderly are especially prone to mold-related respiratory problems, making a public library an unfortunate place to have an infestation.

Jackson officials tried to remedy the mold problem two years prior. They used standard mold remediation that merely kills the active mold but does not prevent a future outbreak.

If they had used MoldExterm, the two-part mold removal process we use at Stern Mold, the basement’s surfaces could have been sealed off to stop mold spores from reactivating ever again.

Prevent Disaster with NJ Mold Removal

Mold needs very little to grow. A water source such as a roof leak is all mold spores need to activate. That’s why it’s important to look for signs of mold and get a free inspection to be safe. It’s also why our NJ mold removal service finishes the job with a patented polymer seal to stop mold in its tracks, and without the need for ripping out building materials.

For more info on Stern Mold NJ mold removal services, please call or contact us today.

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Truth or Fiction: Should I Be Worried About Mold?

Not All Mold Needs Treatment, Get a Free Inspection

Not All Mold Needs Treatment, Get a Free Inspection

The way late-night local news and personal injury attorneys describe it, you might have the impression that mold carries enormous, fatal health risks for everybody. That’s not exactly true.

On the one hand, landlords and businesses should worry about mold-related lawsuits. On the other, people can relax—just a bit—knowing that many horror stories about mold are exaggerated.

Mold often triggers painful symptoms in people with respiratory problems. Breathing in too much mold can even hurt healthy people. More commonly, mold damages property when left untreated.

Common Myths About Mold

Gailen Marshall of UT Medical School recently delineated some of the facts and fiction about mold:

• Various types of mold exist everywhere, inside and outside our homes

• Mold has not been proven to cause brain damage

• You should not pay for a mold test (we offer a free inspection for peace of mind)

• Most mold problems do not have to turn your life upside down (Stern Mold can kill mold without ripping out drywall!)

• People with allergies, asthma, and compromised immune systems are the most likely to experience mold health problems

The Best Way to Treat Mold

At Stern Mold, we don’t like to use fear-mongering to sell our NJ mold removal service. The truth about mold is bad enough.

Untreated mold causes serious property damage and can cause or exacerbate lung diseases and breathing problems.

What you might not know is that NJ mold removal has gotten cheap and fast. Stern Mold’s scientifically advanced system kills mold and seals surfaces so that the spores never grow back.

Think you have mold or mold-related health symptoms? Contact Stern Mold or call 888-887-8376 for a free inspection.

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St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

As more has become known about the dangers of mold, property owners are being held accountable for infestations in their buildings. A St. Louis landlord is currently being sued based on discovery of black mold in a rental home.

Did the Landlord Exercise Reasonable Care?

In March 2015, Patrick and Chastity Phillips leased a home in Alton, MO for themselves and their four children. The lawsuit claims that, unbeknownst to them, the house was infested with black mold which was discovered when they moved out.

Defendants include Rashad Robinson; CR Property Investments, LLC; CR Investments; Robinson Realty; and Especial Services and Renovations. The lawsuit alleges failure to maintain a reasonably safe property and prevent mold growth.

Health Dangers of Indoor Mold

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exposure to mold indoors is not always a risk. However, people can experience allergic reactions to mold ranging from mild to severe, depending on their level of sensitivity.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has determined that evidence shows a link between mold exposure and upper-respiratory allergic reactions in otherwise healthy individuals, as well as a link to respiratory illnesses in children.

The Phillips family claims that exposure to mold caused them to incur serious health problems such as permanent pain and injury along with mental anguish and disability. Their suit asks that the defendants pay the costs of past and future medical treatment.

Professional NJ Mold Removal by Stern Mold

Our two-step MoldExterm program is safe, non-intrusive, and usually completed within one day. If you need NJ mold removal, contact us today to schedule a free mold inspection by our experienced technicians.

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Firefighters Are Now Fighting Black Mold in Their Own Fire Stations

Mold Isn't Just In Old Buildings, Find Out if You're Safe Before It's Too Late.

Mold Isn’t Just In Old Buildings, Find Out if You’re Safe Before It’s Too Late.

Firefighters handle dangerous threats in the line of duty every day, but members of three stations in Oklahoma are facing one closer to home as black mold takes a toll on their health.

Black Mold: A Small but Mighty Foe

According to Northwest Rogers County Firefighter James Pippin, their three buildings date back to 1986 and poor maintenance has resulted in a major infestation of black mold. The fungus has been found throughout the stations on ceilings, baseboards and other surfaces.

Pippin explained that many of the firefighters began experiencing headaches, watery eyes, sinus congestion and other upper respiratory symptoms. They felt fine upon reporting to work, but started feeling ill as the days wore on.

After the firefighters compared notes, they had a professional come out to their stations and conduct mold inspections. While the control test performed outdoors showed 130 parts per cubic foot, the measurement indoors was a staggering 9,400 parts per cubic foot.

What’s the Solution?

As Pippin noted, that amount is just below the level when professionals recommend immediate evacuation. Armed with the test results, the fire chief called a board meeting to address the situation.

The decision was made to relocate all three stations as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Pippin says, the budget is tight and viable options are hard to find.

Contact Stern Mold for Safe and Effective NY Mold Removal

If black mold can take down firefighters, imagine the damage it could cause in your own home or building. Contact us today to schedule a free mold inspection and learn more about our eco-friendly, non-intrusive NY mold removal program.

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