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Is It Possible You Are Allergic to Mold in Your Co-op?

Mold in the Workplace Can Affect Workers' Health

Mold in the Workplace Can Affect Workers’ Health

Co-ops are multi-dwelling housing units in which the owner buys shares in a corporation rather than actual property. In Manhattan, unlike most of the country, co-ops outnumber condos approximately three to one. Here’s why Manhattan mold removal is just as important in a co-op as in other housing options.

Are You Allergic to Mold?

While mold is visually unpleasant, it poses a more serious problem as a health risk. Inhaling mold spores, which are always present in the air around us, frequently triggers allergic reactions. Outdoor allergies are usually confined to certain seasons, but indoor mold makes allergies a year-round problem.

Water is a vital element of mold growth, so infestations may develop any place where spores can land on a moist surface. In a co-op, kitchens and bathrooms are primary sites of indoor mold.

Signs of Mold Allergies

Symptoms of mold allergies are similar to those of other types of allergies. When mold spores are inhaled, they irritate sensitive tissues in nasal passages, causing upper respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes and sinus congestion.

Prolonged exposure to mold can cause symptoms even in people with no history of allergies. If symptoms tend to subside when you’re away from your co-op, chances are good they’re caused by mold.

Manhattan Mold Removal for Co-ops by Stern Mold

Our MoldExterm program is an effective and non-intrusive remediation method for residential and commercial buildings. Mold doesn’t have to be visible to be present. Contact us to schedule a free mold inspection.

Tips for Stopping Winter Home Interior Mold Growth

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

Many plants and other organisms go dormant in the winter, but our Manhattan mold removal team doesn’t get any breaks. Keep mold from infesting your home during cold weather months with these helpful tips.

Tips for Preventing Interior Mold Growth During Winter

• When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces, it results in condensation, which creates moisture for mold spores to grow. Use fans and vents to keep air circulating throughout the home. A dehumidifier also reduces the amount of moisture in the air.

• Regularly inspect your home for leaks and broken pipes. Pay special attention to hidden areas under sinks and in the basement. Repair any damages immediately.

• Organic materials such as paper and fabric feed mold growth. Be careful to store these items in well-ventilated areas away from walls and windows.

• Carpeting is another common place for mold infestations. If possible, install laminate flooring around entryways to prevent tracking water indoors. Vacuum carpets frequently, keeping an eye out for signs of mold.

• Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to mold. Keep surfaces clean to limit opportunities for mold to develop.

• If you do discover mold, removing it isn’t enough. You need to treat the conditions that allowed mold to develop in the first place, so it doesn’t return.

Year-Round Manhattan Mold Removal Services from Stern Mold

Our two-step MoldExterm program effectively removes mold and prevents future recurrences. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and consultation from our professionally trained Manhattan mold removal experts.

Does Interior Mold Grow in the Winter?

Moisture Breeds Mold. Ensure You Are Keeping Your Humidity Under Control!

Moisture Breeds Mold. Ensure You Are Keeping Your Humidity Under Control!

Do you think you can let your guard down on interior mold during winter, when doors and windows remain closed? Here’s why NYC mold removal should still be a concern even when temperatures drop.

Winter = Moisture

Water is an essential ingredient for the growth and survival of mold. Winter rain and snow create an abundant source of moisture, and since warm indoor air can’t escape, condensation develops on windows and other surfaces.

Other winter activities help set the stage for interior mold:

• Meals tend to include dishes requiring more cooking such as soups and stews. As steam collects from stoves, ovens and dishwashers, kitchens become a danger zone for mold.

• Bathrooms are a traditional site for mold, and hot showers and baths during winter months boost the moisture content.

Tips to Prevent Winter Mold

• Make sure chronic problem areas such as kitchens and bathrooms have adequate ventilation.

• Immediately shut off water flow to broken or leaky pipes and repair as soon as possible.

• Reduce humidity by heating the building, then open doors and windows temporarily, allowing damp air to escape.

• Add insulation in the attic to keep warm air from rising to meet the cold roof, resulting in condensation.

• Have the roof inspected for damages.

Stern Mold: Your Year-Round Solution for NYC Mold Removal

Our proprietary MoldExterm system is an effective NYC mold removal program for any season. Contact us and get peace of mind from a mold inspection by our cheerful and experienced technicians.

Got Toxic Mold? Do You Have Enough for a Lawsuit?

Got Toxic Mold? Do You Have Enough for a Lawsuit?

Got Toxic Mold? Do You Have Enough for a Lawsuit?

Toxic mold lawsuits have been filed against builders and contractors, employers, government agencies and even automakers. Does your toxic mold problem rise to the level of legal action? Our New Jersey mold removal experts share important information about toxic mold litigation.

Making a Case

• Toxic mold litigation is a specialized field. Your first step should be consulting an attorney who is qualified in this area.

• Establishing the presence of toxic mold isn’t enough. There has to be evidence regarding the type of mold, location and cause of the infestation and whether or not spores were able to become airborne.

• Document every event and communication involving the mold problem, including conversations with a landlord and interaction with cleaning services.

Responsibility of Landlords

Landlord liability often hinges on the issue of notice.

• Constructive notice occurs when a “reasonable person” is in possession of facts that would lead to certain knowledge.

• Actual notice is when a landlord has direct knowledge of a situation through a tenant, repair person or their own investigation.


• Property damage can include cost of remediation, loss of personal property and reduction in real estate value, while personal damage arises from physical ailments such as bronchitis, memory loss or immune system disorders.

• Emotional distress, which involves the psychological effects of toxic mold exposure, is more difficult to determine.

Stern Mold: Your New Jersey Mold Removal Experts

Rely on the professional expertise of our trained technicians. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free mold inspection of your home or business.

Tips for Mold Detection in Your Condo or Co-op

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

Condos and co-ops can be just as susceptible to mold problems as single-family houses. Is your home in need of New Jersey mold removal? Use these helpful mold detection tips to track down the symptoms.

Mold Detection Tips for Condos and Co-ops

• Your eyes are still the best tool for finding mold infestations. In addition to obvious signs such as furry-looking black, white, green or gray surface spots, watch for bubbles or other deformities on walls that can indicate mold behind the paint.

• Does your condo or co-op have a damp, musty smell that persists even after thorough cleaning? Mold has a distinctive odor that can alert you to its presence in hidden areas.

• Flooding creates optimum conditions for mold growth. No matter how quickly the water is removed, the affected building materials retain a certain amount of dampness for mold spores to feed on.

• Windows that fog up frequently are an indication of high humidity levels. Investigate to find the source of the excess moisture and check for mold development.

• Despite your best efforts, mold can be lurking in undetectable places. An experienced mold inspector has the know-how and equipment to find mold, even when or where you may least expect it.

Stern Mold: Effective New Jersey Mold Removal for Condos and Co-ops

Get peace of mind knowing that your condo or co-op is in good hands. Contact Stern Mold and schedule a free mold inspection from our friendly and professional technicians.

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