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Fast Food: Mold Finds Home In Soda Dispenser and Soda Lids At a Fast Food Eatery

Get a Bottle of Water Instead of Soda the Next Time You Order Drive-Through.

Get a Bottle of Water Instead of Soda the Next Time You Order Drive-Through.

Mold isn’t just something you have to worry about inside your walls. This kind of fungus can make its way into more unusual places as long as there’s enough humidity for it to thrive. In fact, some restaurants have been found to have mold growing inside equipment, which could put customers and employees at risk.

Mold in Restaurants

Where might mold be growing inside dining establishments? Investigators in Columbia, MO found mold growing inside soda dispensers and soda lids at a Wendy’s. This happened due to a fluid line leak, which set up the right conditions for mold to grow.

When dining areas aren’t cleaned and checked regularly, mold colonies can establish to grow. This particular Wendy’s also had mold behind wallpaper in the front area. So, whether mold is inside equipment or in the walls, its presence in restaurants can quickly turn into a serious public health issue that needs to be dealt with right away.

What to Do About Mold

Mold can lead to health issues for some people if it’s left unchecked. Professional NYC mold removal services will eliminate it from residential and commercial buildings, so it can’t grow and thrive. Having professionals treat your home or business for mold is important, since this requires having the right kind of equipment and technique. Otherwise, mold can keep growing and cause a more widespread problem.

If you need NYC mold removal services for your home or business, contact Stern Mold as soon as you can.

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

Having mold growing in your home can cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory issues and headaches. When you have mold growth, you’ll need professional NYC mold removal services to eliminate it from your home. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent mold from growing inside walls and other areas of your home.

Control Moisture

Mold spores are likely to be in your home already, so it’s a matter of making sure they don’t have a damp or moist surface to grow on. This involves controlling the amount of humidity or moisture you have in your home. You can do this in many ways, such as fixing leaks as soon as possible and correcting problems with drainage in your yard.

Other ways to lower moisture levels in your home include using a dehumidifier in basements or other areas that are likely to be more humid. You can also reduce moisture levels by using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom and drying your clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them inside your home or using a drying rack.

Prompt Mold Removal

It’s important to watch for signs of mold problems, so you can have them dealt with immediately. These include water stains, moldy odors and visible signs of mold growing on surfaces in your home. Keep in mind that bathrooms, window mouldings and refrigerator doors are common places for mold growth.

If you need NYC mold removal services, contact Stern Mold to learn more about our mold treatment.

New York City Housing Authority To Spend $50 Million In The Fight Against Mold

New York City Housing Authority To Spend $50 Million In The Fight Against Mold

New York City Housing Authority To Spend $50 Million In The Fight Against Mold

How much is good health worth? The New York City Housing Authority is spending $50 million on a Manhattan mold removal project to correct a problem that has long plagued city-run apartment complexes.

Cleaning “Sick” Buildings

NYCHA residents have struggled with mold-related issues for at least 10 years. Lack of maintenance of air vents in the apartment buildings has been a significant cause. Incredibly, over a 60-year period, most of the vents have gone without cleaning except for occasional complaint-driven occurrences.

In 2013, after a community group sued the city on behalf of asthma sufferers living in the apartment buildings, a federal judge was appointed to oversee mold cleanup efforts. The current project includes scrubbing ventilation ducts and replacing faulty belt-driven roof fans with belt-free direct-drive fans.

What’s Next?

Keeping ventilation systems clean is only one step in controlling mold growth. Dampness from flooding and leaky pipes creates ideal conditions for mold spores to multiply. Unfortunately, this type of damage often happens in out-of-the-way areas where mold can grow unseen.

Repairing water damage is also on the horizon for the cleanup initiative. The NYCHA has earmarked $156 million in their budget for pipe work over the next five years.

Stern Mold: Your First Choice for Effective Manhattan Mold Removal

When it comes to Manhattan mold removal, out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is free of mold infestations. Contact us for a free mold inspection by our professionally trained technicians.

When The Place That’s Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker – What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

When The Place That's Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker - What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

When The Place That’s Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker – What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

Where do you turn when the healthcare system causes you to become even sicker? A recent story out of Seattle illustrates why NYC mold removal is so important for medical facilities.

History of Mold-Related Illnesses

In November 2019, Seattle Children’s Hospital temporarily closed most of its operating rooms to install a new rooftop air handler and in-room HEPA filters. Sadly, this move came only after 14 patients developed aspergillosis over an 18-year period. Six cases resulted in fatalities.

Aspergillus is a common species of mold and one of the forms referred to as “toxic.” While most people experience no problems inhaling Aspergillus spores, those with preexisting lung conditions or compromised immune systems are at risk for developing infections known as aspergillosis.

One Patient’s Experience

Complaints from hospital employees about poor maintenance of the ventilation system came to light in a 2005 lawsuit involving a 12-year-old patient who became ill after successful brain surgery. Testing revealed that her spinal column was filled with Aspergillus mold, which necessitated a five-year course of antifungal medication.

Despite treatment and a long-term stay in rehabilitation, the patient was left with permanent disability. Testimony in the lawsuit included sworn statements from members of the hospital’s building and engineering department describing the mold- and debris-filled condition of the ventilation system.

Protect Your Health with Effective NYC Mold Removal

Mold has no respect for hospitals, restaurants or family homes. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free inspection by our cheerful and experienced NYC mold removal technicians.

How Do You Reduce Mold Spores in the Air?

Are Mold Spores in the Air of Your Home?

Are Mold Spores in the Air of Your Home?

Microscopic mold spores are constantly floating in the air, making mold infestations an ever-present threat. Our NYC mold removal experts offer helpful tips on reducing mold spores as well as excess moisture enabling their growth.

Tips to Reduce Mold Spores and Excess Moisture

• Mold colonies generate mold spores. Use a mold removal product to eliminate visual signs of infestation. If the affected area is more than a small patch, contact our NYC mold removal team for effective elimination.

• Install air purifiers with HEPA filters capable of capturing more than 99 percent of particles. Place one in each room of your home for maximum results.

• Add HEPA filters to air conditioners and windows to keep external mold spores from entering your home.

Basements, kitchens and bathrooms are the areas most vulnerable to mold. Keep these rooms as dry as possible, making sure they’re well-ventilated. Check regularly for broken or leaky pipes and repair them immediately.

• Leaves and other debris accumulating in gutters can lead to mold being carried into your home. Clean and inspect gutters often, especially after rainstorms.

• Use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture content in the air. Set the dehumidifiers at 50 percent or lower.

• Place wet clothing and shoes outdoors to dry. Leave them in an area with good circulation and check for mold before bringing the items back indoors.

Two-Step NYC Mold Removal from Stern Mold

Our MoldExterm program efficiently removes mold and seals surfaces to prevent future growth. Contact us to schedule a free mold inspection.

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