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Tenants Are Frustrated by Landlords’ Lack of Action on Mold Problems

Living in a House with Mold can Take its Toll on Your Body.

Living in a House with Mold can Take its Toll on Your Body.

The frustration is real. Countless cases of lack of attention to mold concerns are causing health problems and tensions to mount between tenants and property owners across the country. What’s going on? How can this be remedied?

Airing Out the Issues

Mold spores increase in moisture-laden building materials. They thrive on the inexperience or inability of others to quickly attend to leaks, excessive humidity, stagnant air and water run-off with nowhere to go. If these trouble areas are addressed, mold spores don’t have anything to feed on.

When mold spores colonize, one call to an NYC mold removal expert team can diagnose and address the mold. The consequences that come from a lack of action can be traumatic for all involved.

Easy Fixes

Whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, a mold problem can seem insurmountable at first glance. From a tenant’s standpoint, the threat to their good health far outweighs any cost. From a property owner’s perspective, mold issues can pose unknowns that seem foreboding and expensive.

Information is key and as the old adage goes “knowledge is power.” Enlisting your local NYC mold removal company to inspect the problems can help shed a little hope and calm on any potential or current mold issue.

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Stern

Stern Mold provides tenants with peace of mind and owners with a positive way to keep their property value up and their complaint list down. They strive to address every mold concern with their experience and professionalism. If you’re seeking a way to erase mold from the picture in your home or business, contact Stern Mold today!

Interior Mold – A New Jersey Winter Problem

Get Help with Getting Rid of Mold During Winter Months

Get Help with Getting Rid of Mold During Winter Months

Are you preparing your home or property for winter in New Jersey? In the colder months, the threat of mold grows. Mold growth is still prevalent during Jersey winters because of moisture and humidity.

Do you want to keep the chill outside where it belongs? When your heating system crosses paths with cold roofs, condensation can form. Your local NYC mold removal team knows exactly what condensation can mean to your home. It starts with “M” and ends with trouble. Mold!

Do Your Mold Prep Work

When wintering your home for the colder weather, a checklist often helps to speed up and organize the process. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to ensure mold isn’t a threat to your health during New Jersey’s yearly freeze:

– Guard your roof. Trim your trees, get rid of any potential falling limbs that could put a hole in your holiday budget and your roofline.

– Call a good plumber. Leaks are open invitations for mold to come and coexist in your living space. Get your plumbing maintenance done ahead of time and save yourself high costs later on.

– Go for deep gutter cleaning. Falling branches, leaves, dirt and grime can clog up your gutters or downspouts leading to potential excessive moisture. Clear up the spaces that water travels through and invest in some downspouts that keep the water away from your home.

Choose a Trusted NYC Mold Removal Team

Start your season off right with a little help from the NYC Mold Removal Experts. Stern Mold wants to ensure your health and comfort this winter. Contact us today and we’ll help your lifestyle stays warm and bright!

Can You Proactively Prevent Mold Problems?

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

Getting Proactive About Mold

Is every day living a struggle for you? Are you consistently battling upper respiratory infections, sinus problems or other day-to-day symptoms that make tasks difficult to complete? It’s time to get proactive and discover what’s negatively impacting you. You may find that the air in your living space is wreaking havoc on your health. Mold in confined areas produces numerous health issues.

Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold removal experts are experienced in all aspects of proactive remediation treatment. Days, months and even years of mold growth can occur undetected by homeowners or residents. Reduce high toxicity levels in indoor spaces by utilizing a few workable methods to ensure maximum results.

Here are a few proactive steps you can take to clear a path towards better health:

– Hire Manhattan mold removal professionals. They can evaluate the types and amounts of mold present, and will come up with an effective solution to address it.

– Repair or install drainage systems to keep excessive moisture from penetrating your home.

– Invest in indoor plants. Plants can reduce harmful chemicals in the air and produce higher levels of oxygen.

– Ventilate areas that have stagnant air flow. Mold spores spread and thrive in areas of high humidity and warm temperatures.

– Keep a dehumidifier handy. How humid is your house? Test the levels of humidity to discover if mold may have already called your place home.

– Make sure HVAC systems, plumbing, dishwasher, and washing machines undergo proper maintenance every year.

Try Our Manhattan Mold Removal Team

Mold doesn’t like proactive homeowners and residents. Our Stern Mold experts do. Contact us today! We’ll help you breathe clean air once more!

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What’s the norm for mold remediation training? How can you know if the Manhattan mold removal team you choose to prevent mold from hanging out on your property is certifiably expert in their field? The NORMI organization keeps mold remediators and inspectors above board and accountable to ensure your peace of mind. If you hire the best mold specialists in the business, they should have vast mold knowledge and meet certification standards.

Trained to Test

Knowing the various hiding places and habits of the mold infesting homes everywhere allows a mold inspector or remediation expert to do their job effectively. Stern’s Manhattan mold removal experts understand the inner workings of many types of mold and how to address their unique formations. They understand the dangers and the importance of applying thorough mold removal methods to eradicate mold on your property.

NORMI training and certifications help mold removal trainees to establish good workplace safety habits. Here are some of the questions NORMI training exams might require certified mold remediators to answer correctly:

– What’s the difference between Sanitization and Remediation?

– How can you provide cost-effective remediation solutions?

– What part does the “renovation process” play in ensuring mold removal is complete?

– Why is following proper mold containment procedures so vital?

The Sternest Approach

Our Manhattan mold removal team at Stern Mold has the training and expertise to address any mold concerns you may have. We address your concerns with tried and tested methodology to stop mold from infecting your home or business. Trusted and well-trained mold experts can help your property become a safe-haven and not a safety hazard. Contact Stern Mold today and discover your mold solution!

No, Mold Is Not Impacted by Cold Weather – It is Still a Danger

Tips to Killing Mold Growth in Winter

Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Does cold weather halt mold growth? Hot, humid air causes mold to grow so cold weather should stop spores–right? Actually, no. Cold weather can accelerate mold because it can produce excessive condensation. Your top NYC mold removal specialists know how mold is affected by cold and warm weather and how to get rid of it.

Protect and Prevent

During a chilly winter season, mold spores love to spread out. Water is key in the development of health-damaging mold cells. Condensation forms easily in hard to reach areas. Some of these items below can help shield your property from mold-causing molecules:

– Exhaust Fans

– Tarps

– Plastic Film

– Space Heaters

– Mortar Replacements

– Protective Roof Materials

Fans and heaters can help promote healthy air circulation and temperature control to keep mold from expanding. Protective materials to cover potential leak areas or condensation like mortar, roof paper, durable plastics or tarps can prevent further mold damage. Trusted NYC mold removal experts have some great tips to keep your property properly sealed and out of the elements.

How We Give a Stern Cleaning

Cold weather is uncontrollable and will inevitably occur. Mold growth is not uncontrollable. Our Stern NYC mold removal team knows what it means to give your property a clean bill of health. Our trusted methods deeply cleanse and remove the mold before it becomes hazardous to your health and property value.

We will help protect and prevent mold so you can enjoy your home or business no matter what the season holds! Contact us today for a thorough mold evaluation. Stern does the heavy cleaning so you don’t have to!

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