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NYC Mold Removal – Does Your Home Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

Protect Your Home with Insurance In the Case of Mold Growth.

Protect Your Home with Insurance In the Case of Mold Growth.

Having mold growing in your home can turn out to be a health hazard and cause a considerable amount of property damage. In severe cases, it can make it nearly impossible for you to sell your home. NYC mold removal is essential if you have mold growth, but will your homeowners insurance cover the cost?

Water Damage

Mold grows as a result of water damage in your home. This can occur slowly over time due to leaks, or it can happen in a shorter amount of time due to flooding or burst pipes. Keep in mind that many homeowners insurance policies only cover water damage caused by sudden problems, such as a pipe that bursts. However, flood damage and damage caused by leaks, humidity problems and similar issues are typically not covered. In this case, you can expect to cover the entire expense of having mold removed from your home.

Mold Growth

Even if your homeowners insurance policy covers sudden water damage, it might not include coverage for mold problems. Homeowners insurance companies are increasingly putting limits on coverage for mold growth or refusing to provide coverage for it altogether. Some might only offer coverage for mold testing. It’s important to check your policy to see if it includes coverage for mold-related damage. If not, get in touch with your insurance company to see if it offers any options for mold coverage, such as buy-back endorsements.

If you need NYC mold removal for your home, please contact Stern Mold for more information about our services, including free inspections. We provide safe and reliable mold removal for homeowners in NYC, NJ and Long Island.

Drones Used to Find Entry Points for Moisture for Mold Treatment

Drone Looking for Mold Moisture Points

Drone Looking for Mold Moisture Points

This year, Miami mold specialists went to new levels, employing the use of drones as part of their mold identification and eradication tactics. Will NYC mold treatment be next to follow this trend?

What’s Up with Drone Mold Identification Tactics?
Inspection drone technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks in-part to applications in energy, construction, infrastructure and mining. The latest tech? Infrared inspection, offered by Miami Mold Specialists. With the help of drones, the new systems helps mold specialists map buildings for multiple kinds of moisture damage, from that caused by excess humidity, to damage from wind, water and leaks, identifying potential mold ‘hot spots’ and addressing problem areas more efficiently.

Infrared Detection of Water Damage
Because mold spores cannot be completely eliminated, moisture reduction is critical to controlling mold growth. However moisture and leaks, hidden behind walls, floors and ceilings, can be impossible to detect until serious damage occurs. Infrared photography goes ‘behind the scenes,’ using sophisticated infrared sensors to measure the temperatures of any surface within its image area, identifying changes in temperature that point to potential moisture issues.

A Cheaper, Less-Dangerous Way to Check for Mold Issues
Unmanned drones can fit into tighter, more treacherous spaces than mere mortals, and aren’t affected by exposure to toxic spores. With weather-related disasters on-the-rise, this service may prove to be in as high-demand nationwide as it is in Miami post-hurricane-Irma, though only a handful of South Florida mold inspection and remediation companies offer it at this time.

Struggling to find the source of mold in your home or business? Contact the NYC mold treatment experts at Stern Mold and schedule your free inspection today.

Typical Traditional Mold Removal Costs Continue to Climb

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

Mold is part of the environment and serves a useful purpose to the planet. Without it, the world would be a drab landscape of dead and decaying plant matter.

While we don’t want to interfere with Mother Nature outside, we do need to intervene when mold makes its way into the home or business. When this occurs, a NYC mold treatment specialist is needed to remedy the problem.

Causes of Mold

Mold loves moisture; the more the better. Mold also has a healthy appetite and our homes have a buffet of food sources such as window frames, bathroom tile, insulation, and drywall. Basements and crawlspaces are another idyllic mold hideaway.

Mold and Your Health

There’s a list of health issues caused by mold that can cause a variety of issues from skin irritations and headaches to breathing difficulties and allergic reactions.

Mycotoxins are produced by mold, which can be inhaled or come in contact with the skin if exposed to moldy surfaces. This can lead to more serious issues including lung cancer.

Removing Mold

For home or business owners, repairing places affected by mold is the first step. This includes roof leaks and leaking pipes that allow moisture to accumulate. The next step is contacting a professional service.

Mold Testing

When a professional mold specialist is on the job, they’ll examine the area to look for sources of moisture past and present. The indoor air quality is also checked to determine if there are airborne mold spores present.

For a free inspection, contact Stern Mold. Our NYC mold treatment process along with our staff of experts will get your home smelling fresh and mold free.

Mold Spores May Trigger Asthmatic Reactions

Mold Spores Float in the Air

Mold Spores Float in the Air

If you’re someone who suffers from asthma, then you know how hard it is to avoid certain triggers. Mold spores may be among the most potent triggers that you can face. If you have mold in your home, you may have tried a number of methods to get rid of it but to no avail. That means that it’s time for a professional approach. When it comes to mold removal NJ residents are quick to place their trust in Stern Mold.

Why is Mold so Hard to Avoid?

Mold spores are everywhere, so you can’t escape them in your home. Mold can grow very quickly; as long as there is a food source and humid air. That’s why certain areas in your home are the perfect places for it to thrive. You may have noticed mold in your:

• Kitchen

• Bathroom

• Laundry room

• Basement

• Garage

The other issue is that the spores travel through the air. This is what makes it so difficult for you to breathe when you’re around it.

Can Mold be Prevented in Your Home?

There are ways you can try to prevent mold. During the warm months of the year, run an air conditioner or dehumidifier. This will take moisture out of the air. Make sure any spills or leaks are cleaned up quickly because mold can grow in standing water.

Unfortunately, there are times when you won’t be able to prevent this fungus from invading your home. At Stern Mold, we offer professional mold removal. We’re here to assist you in keeping your home safe for every member of your family. Contact us for a free inspection!


Cold May Make Mold Go Dormant – What to Know

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow make your Home a Great Place to Grow.

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow make your Home a Great Place to Grow.

Sometimes homeowners breathe a sign of relief once winter shows up; especially if they’re prone to having mold problems. Their thinking is that the cold, dry air will kill off mold and they’ll be mold-free for a few months. It sounds too good to be true, and actually it is. You might get a brief break from mold for a little while, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. When it comes to mold removal in NJ, you can believe us because we’ve seen it all.

What Happens to Mold in the Winter?

When winter strikes, you have one of two scenarios. If you’re someone who likes to keep your home nice and warm, mold will thrive. If you tend to keep it more on the chilly side, mold may deactivate for a time. However, just because the spores are deactivated, it’s still there. It’s only going to lie dormant until the conditions are right for it to grow again.

The Beginning of Mold

Conditions need to be right for mold to grow and thrive. All you need is a mold spore, food for the mold, the right amount of moisture and the right temperature. This is why it tends to favor your basement, laundry room and bathroom.

Once you have mold, you can try to kill it, but your attempts probably won’t work. Even if it appears to just brush right off, it can still be there.

At Stern Mold, we’ve perfected the best method for treating mold. If you’re in need of mold removal service in NJ, we offer a free inspection that will tell you just how severe your problem is. Contact us!

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