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Could You Be Suffering From Toxic Mold Exposure?

The Presence of Mold Can Seriously Impact Your Health

Mold Exposure

Your NYC mold removal specialists want you to stay informed about toxic mold, and here is something interesting to think about. Toxic mold exposure.

What is Toxic Mold Exposure Like?

Unfortunately, toxic mold exposure resembles several other respiratory problems like allergies, colds, sinus infections, asthma and others. That’s why it may be one of the more difficult illnesses to diagnose.

Some of the signs might be:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Sinus problems
  • Fatigue
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Tears
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches
  • Light sensitivity

Those symptoms are some of the most common results of toxic mold exposure, but as you can see, they are also symptoms of various kinds of upper respiratory illnesses as well.

There are other ways to tell, and here are a few:

  • Has your building or home been recently flooded?
  • Are you being exposed to musty air?
  • Is there noticeable water damage in any room, particularly the bathroom and/or laundry room?
  • Do your symptoms worsen on days with rain?
  • Are you getting treatment from a doctor for an upper respiratory illness, but it never seems to go away?
  • Do you have skin rashes for no apparent reason?

Once again, these are potentially common problems with various types of respiratory illnesses, but if you are experiencing symptoms and problems from both of these lists at the same time, you could be suffering from toxic mold exposure.

If you see any black mold in your house, home or apartment, or you are experiencing upper respiratory problems that never seem to go away, call your NYC mold removal specialist, Stern Mold, for a free mold inspection. Serving the NY and NJ areas for nearly 25 years.

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Crawl Spaces – the Hidden Space Mold Loves

Mold Spores Found in a Crawl Space

Mold Spores Found in a Crawl Space

Crawl spaces turn into mold incubators whenever spores are present and the relative humidity goes above 50%. Mold does not need much warmth or sunlight to grow.

Give it some water and food — any kind of wood or paper serves as food for mold — and suddenly you’ll have a mold infestation on and around the building’s structure, and spreading fast.

Moisture enters crawl spaces in several ways:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Crawl space vents allow moist air in
  • Moisture evaporates from the ground below and gets trapped
  • Rainwater drainage problems cause pooled water

If you think you have mold under your building, get a free inspection for NYC mold remediation so you know. As the EPA points out, toxic mold can be any color (not just black) and can cause health problems even when dead or inactive.

How to Remediate Mold in a Crawl Space

For starters, find the water source first. Major problems like plumbing leaks should be repaired to stifle the mold growth conditions.

Once a leak or standing water issue has been fixed, you’ll still need an NYC mold remediation service to assess conditions and prevent mold. Relative humidity tends to be higher in a cool crawl space, so mold spores can regrow with only a small amount of moisture present.

Fortunately, it’s now possible to treat crawl space mold without needing to rip out everything and rebuild. Stern Mold uses bio remedial mold treatment consisting of antimicrobials and a polymer seal that ensure mold colonies are destroyed and prevented from coming back.

Our NYC mold remediation service comes with a guarantee. Call 888-887-8376 or contact us online for a free inspection and quote.

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