How to Prevent Mold After a Basement Flood

Get Help with Getting Rid of Mold

Get Professional Help with Getting Rid of Your Mold Problem

A flood can be devastating to your peace of mind, your property and your budget for many reasons. You may not be able to control flooding, but you can do something to prevent flooding from causing more unseen damage. Excessive water damages homes and businesses, but what can form after the water recedes can be even more dangerous.

Mold spores love moist walls, soaked sheetrock, and other vulnerable structural materials. Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold remediation process can help return that valuable peace of mind that floods wash away. Trusted skilled mold removal professionals in your area can solve the problems that arise after mold decides to call your home theirs.

It’s All About Removal

After flooding, removal is key to solving mold growth issues. Remove these items in your home to keep mold at bay and to protect your property:

– Move out any household items that are dry. This action can prevent your belongings from coming in contact with unhealthy mold spores. It also helps make the cleaning and mold removal process easier.

– Get rid of the water. First, ensure that it’s advisable to do so. It may be best to consult your local Manhattan Mold Remediation professionals first to determine your next move.)

– Wet carpets need to go. Carpet padding is a cesspool for mold spores.

– Cut out the drywall that has water damage. Mold growth burgeons in cavities and nooks.

– Wet insulation needs to be extracted. Insulation can be contaminated by moisture and produce mold.

Stern Mold believes there can be peace of mind after a flood! Let our Manhattan Mold Remediation team help you prevent mold from affecting your home life.

Can Exposure to Mold Cause Hair Loss?

Don't let mold cost your body more than it should.

Don’t let mold cost your body more than it should.

Have you experienced excessive hair loss? Don’t panic – you could have a mold problem! Mold is an invasive issue that causes countless troubling allergic reactions. Hair loss can occur in both adults and children because of mold infestation. Our Manhattan mold removal team strives to help locals lead healthier lives that are free of mold and its many disturbing symptoms. You can stop the hair loss with a little help from the mold experts!

Just Don’t Breathe

It’s extremely difficult to avoid frightening symptoms when the very air you breathe is infected with mold spores. Blood vessels or capillaries that allow life-giving blood to flow to your hair follicles can be inhibited by your body’s production of histamine. Histamine production is triggered by allergic reactions due to inhaling mold spores into the body. Too many mold spores in the air you breathe can eventually lead to baldness.

Stop the Downward Spiral

How can you protect your health and hair from the harmful effects of mold? Hiring our Manhattan mold removal team can get you on the right path to mold freedom. Manhattan locals are used to the high humidity levels in the area and so are mold spores. A thorough mold inspection by Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts can stop balding and get your health back on track.

After the mold problem is remediated your dormant hair follicles can reemerge. Your healthcare professional may recommend treatment options to help ensure your hair’s regrowth. There are various anti-fungal prescriptions available to help protect your body from the health-damaging mold infiltrating your peace of mind. Schedule a free inspection. We’ll help you rediscover healthy living again!

Types of Mold Testing for Your Home or Business

Be Proactive in Your Approach to Mold. Get Your Home Tested Today!

Be Proactive in Your Approach to Mold. Get Your Home Tested Today!

How can you know if mold growth is a threat to your home or business without doing a little research? It’s impossible! What isn’t impossible is the fact that mold removal expertise is readily available.

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal team use mold tests to determine if mold is or will become an expensive problem in your future. There are many mold tests out there. With the right experts choosing which type of test will work for you, mold can become a thing of the past.

Type Testing

Mold comes in many different varieties. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of tests available to pinpoint a mold problem. Mold as a whole is not unique, but the tell-tale signs each type of mold produces can be wholly different. Here are some tests that mold removal teams use to identify the mold:

– Air Testing- This method evaluates the mold spores that may be lingering in the air.

– Bulk Testing- The material in your home is analyzed to determine what kind of mold concentration is in your home.

– Culture Testing- Here, live mold cultures are extracted and grown into larger mold colonies to identify the specific type of mold on your property.

– Surface Testing- Using swabs, tape or other collective materials, samples are taken from your home’s surfaces. These samples are analyzed in a laboratory.

Test Our Stern Mold Services

Our NYC mold removal crew knows how to retrieve and decipher results. If you are seeking answers, our methods and tested practices will keep you abreast of what mold could be doing to your property. Put Stern Mold to the test by contacting us today!

Mold on Walls – Everything You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

Are health-damaging fungi infiltrating the very walls of your home? If you’ve developed irregular health issues lately, a mold problem could be the cause. Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts have the resources and know-how to keep mold from infiltrating your safe haven. We help you stay informed so fungus doesn’t pose a threat to you or your loved ones.

Mold Growth- It’s Not a Feature Wall

Can you see mold on your walls? Here are some signs to look for to determine if a Manhattan mold removal team needs to visit your home:

– A moldy scent in the air.

– Abnormal allergic reactions.

– Paint on walls that is cracking, peeling or chipping.

– Bulging and discolored walls. These are signs that moisture is either on the wall or hiding behind in areas not exposed to the natural air flow.

– High humidity in the room. Mold loves humidity. Just because you aren’t experiencing or seeing all the symptoms of mold growth doesn’t mean it’s not occurring behind closed walls.

What Type of Wall Do You Have?

Treatment options for mold depend on the area in which it grows. Visible non-porous mold on interior walls may be less intrusive to eradicate. If your cellulose-rich drywall is impacted, cutting out the mold infested drywall is necessary.

Wallpaper glue and wall cavities produce organic materials that mold love to feed on. Be wary of potential hiding places and thoroughly address any water leaks that encourage mold growth.

Keep in Touch!

Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team finds and eradicates mold-affected walls, keeping you safe from long-term health issues and concerns. Get your free inspection today. We’ll help you breathe easier!

What is Mold Remediation, Mold Abatement, and Mold Removal

Good hygiene routines around the house are essential to fighting off the growth of mold.

Good hygiene routines around the house are essential to fighting off the growth of mold.

Have you heard terms like abatement, remediation, removal and wondered what they all mean? If you need to rid your residence or business of troublesome mold, our Stern NYC mold remediation crew can help you get up-to-date on mold removal terminology and into the mold-free zone! We help you define all the meaningful terms our expert team uses for mold eradication and we remove mold from your property permanently.

Remediation Education

If you’ve got a mold problem, then you’re probably in search of a permanent remedy. That’s what remediation refers to. Mold remediation experts use state-of-the-art technology to reverse or remedy the damage done by intrusive mold growth to your home.

Mold abatement is a term and methodology used by some to lessen, reduce or end mold growth. Mold removal is similar to abatement and remediation. It is often used interchangeably in the mold removal arena. These terms embody the ultimate end goal – to get you to a mold-free, higher quality of life. Stern Mold goes straight to the source of your discomfort and removes it.

Going Anti-Microbial

Our Stern NYC mold remediation team thinks long-term. We apply an EPA-registered anti-microbial mixture to eradicate any remaining mold. Then we facilitate long-term mold protection by utilizing our patented polymer seal. Our mold remediation is a permanent fix. We safeguard your health by utilizing trusted mold remedies and green techniques to combat mold infestation.

Our Remedy

Stern Mold keeps mold from having a presence in your home. We’ll help you remove this unwelcome fungus so you and your loved ones can lead healthy, mold-free lives. Schedule a free inspection with us and watch your worries abate!

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