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Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Mold on Your Mind?

Did you know that mold can inhibit your brain function? Mold toxicity levels can produce mind-altering results, literally. Is mold exposure causing you to seemingly lose your train of thought? Do you struggle to focus easily or feel that anxious or tired is your new normal? It doesn’t have to be. It’s time to allow trusted Manhattan mold removal experts to expose the mold that could be negatively impacting your life.

Visit An Informed Physician

Your brain is a powerful instrument. When it is functioning properly, there is no limit to your potential. If you are living with toxic mold, you could already be suffering from serious symptoms caused by it. Toxic mold can impair your emotional and cognitive health.

Over time, prolonged exposure to mold can lead to serious health complications – even death. Do you have cause for concern? Check out these serious symptoms that high mold toxicity levels can cause:

– Asthma

– Brain Fog

– Brain Swelling

– Depression

– Insomnia

– Life-threatening Infection

– Loss of appetite

– Memory Loss

– Personality Change

– Trouble Concentrating

If you’ve had any of these symptoms, see a healthcare professional that knows how toxic mold impacts individuals. Make sure you undergo a full evaluation. A brain scan can also be helpful to pinpoint any brain swelling or to find any other probable causes.

We Treat the Source

Stern Mold’s Manhattan Mold Removal team remediates mold and gives you a fighting chance at a normal life. Toxic mold shouldn’t be in your future and it doesn’t have to be. Stern Mold can help you take another positive step towards a brighter future. Schedule an inspection with Stern today and breathe easier!

Mold Rage – Is It Real and What Are the Symptoms?

Mold Rage - Is It Real and What Are the Symptoms?

Mold Rage – Is It Real and What Are the Symptoms?

“Road rage” has become such a regular occurrence that it’s earned a listing in the dictionary. It may soon be joined by “mold rage,” a phenomenon that’s become one more compelling reason to seek mold removal in New York City and other areas.

Neurological Effects of Toxic Mold

Much has been publicized about upper respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions that are caused by exposure to mold. Scientists are now finding increasing evidence that mold can cause behavioral and neurological problems such as aggression and psychosis.

The culprit is mycotoxins, which are poisonous by-products of mold metabolism in some varieties. Several mycotoxins are so potent that they have been used as agents of biological warfare.

A Growing Body of Evidence

Here are just a few of the studies that have been documented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

– In an examination of 100 people who had been exposed to toxic mold in their homes, abnormal nervous system changes were found in all 100.

– Patients in another study reported “moderate” to “severe” physical, cognitive and emotional symptoms after exposure to mixed colonies of toxic mold. Testing showed impairments on a level with mild traumatic brain injury.

– One research team discovered that exposure to toxic molds can cause dysfunction of the body’s immune system, resulting in ailments such as depression, mood swings, sleep disturbance and memory loss.

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Mold 101: Prolonged Mold Exposure May Cause Cognitive Issues

Mold May Be More Dangerous Than You Think.

Mold May Be More Dangerous Than You Think.

Much has been written and documented about exposure to mold spores triggering upper respiratory allergic reactions. Researchers are now discovering disturbing evidence pointing to a link between the body’s inflammatory response to mold and structural changes in the brain.

How Inflammation Affects the Brain

A semi-permeable membrane known as the blood-brain barrier protects the brain from neurotoxins while allowing passage of water, glucose and other molecules that are necessary for neural function. Inflammatory reactions can loosen the tight junctions binding the BBB cells, compromising their ability to control what moves in and out.

TGF beta-1 and and IL-1B are two of the specific compounds that produce this inflammatory response in the BBB. Scientists have also found that elevated levels of these substances are present in patients who have developed chronic inflammatory response syndrome after exposure to moldy interiors in water-damaged buildings.

Mold and Cognitive Functions

NeuroQuant is a sophisticated software program used to assess patients with traumatic brain injuries based off of a specifically-run MRI. When NeuroQuant was used to evaluate the brains of patients with mold illness, preliminary results indicated a “unique fingerprint” of changes in white matter volume along with structural gray matter damage.

Previously, there had been some doubt as to whether there is a connection between mold exposure and cognitive brain damage. As researchers verify and expand the study, it appears that we may shortly have a definitive answer to this question.

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