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There Are Long Term Health Impacts from Mold Exposure – What to Know

Mold May Affect Your Lungs

Mold May Affect Your Lungs

How can mold exposure impact your health long-term? Millions of people suffer from debilitating mold-related symptoms. You and your loved ones should never have to worry about mold exposure affecting your health. Take action the moment you suspect mold spores have invaded your home. You won’t regret contacting your trusted local NYC mold removal team to get the answers you need.

Its Toxicity Can Be Life-changing

If lately, you’ve noticed your normally good health is declining you could already be suffering from mold exposure. Respiratory illnesses, wheezing, coughing, itchy eyes, rashes, and asthma plague residents and employees who live or work in buildings where mold spores thrive. In  more serious cases of mold exposure, toxic mold can bring on symptoms such as:

• Insomnia

• Anxiety

• Loss of Appetite

• Confusion

• Memory Loss

• Depression

Nervous System Abnormalities

If you’ve suffered from any of the above symptoms you might have toxic mold syndrome. The presence of black mold can trigger extremely invasive life-altering symptoms. Toxic mold syndrome is related to brain swelling. Brain swelling can hinder the oxygen your brain needs to function normally.

Has your personality changed drastically over the last few days, weeks or months? It could be due to mold. If you have undergone countless testing and no medication seems to give you permanent relief from your symptoms, it may be time to call in a mold inspector.

Stern Mold’s NYC Mold Removal Team Brings Hope

Our NYC Mold Removal experts can help you fight back. Nothing should hold you back from living a healthy fulfilling life. Contact us today to find out how we can help you clean house and breath easier again!

What to Know About Mold Spores to Protect Your Health

You Can Effectively Control Mold

You Can Effectively Control Mold and Their Spores

Mold inside homes and buildings has been recognized as a potential health risk, but mold itself is not the problem. The danger arises from microscopic mold spores entering your respiratory system. Here’s some important information from our Manhattan mold removal team about mold spores and their effect on your health.

What Are Mold Spores?

Spores are reproductive units of mold and other fungi as well as many species of plants such as ferns and algae. Mold spreads when spores circulate through the air and come to rest on a surface that provides the right elements for growth, moisture in particular.

Mold Spores and Your Health

Since mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, the simple act of breathing draws them into your respiratory system. Their minute size makes it possible for mold spores to easily evade the body’s filtering mechanisms that normally catch foreign substances.

In an effort to expel the irritating mold spores, your respiratory system produces common allergic reactions which may include sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. These symptoms can become more severe in people who already suffer from allergies or have a chronic respiratory illness such as asthma.

Fighting the Effects of Mold Spores

We are constantly surrounded by mold spores, indoors and outdoors, so they’re impossible to avoid. The best defense is minimizing dampness in your home or business to eliminate opportunities for mold to colonize.

Stern Mold: Your Top Choice for Effective Manhattan Mold Removal

Traditional mold remediation is invasive, time-consuming and costly. Our proprietary MoldExterm program requires no removal of materials and can usually be completed in one day. Contact us for all your Manhattan mold removal needs.

If I Think That I’m Sick from Mold, What Should I Do?

Medical Review of Mold Health Problems

Medical Review of Mold Health Problems

After discovering mold, your first impulse might be to grab some spray cleaner and get to work cleaning it up. However, agitating a mold infestation can release spores into the air – making you sicker even as you clean. See a nurse or doctor instead, and call a Manhattan mold removal company to do the dirty work.

CDC Recommendation for Mold Exposure

The Centers for Disease Control urge people with mold symptoms to first speak to their primary care physician or another general healthcare provider.

If you need a referral, your clinic can then recommend a specialist. Depending on your symptoms and pre-existing conditions, you might need to see an allergist, a lung specialist, or an occupational doctor for workplace mold issues.

Serious Mold Symptoms to Watch For

The most common health effects of mold include respiratory problems like coughing, wheezing, and runny nose, as well as related issues such as headaches and skin rashes.

Mold can devastate people at risk much worse, however. Children, seniors, people with asthma or COPD, and those with compromised immune systems are more likely to develop infectious diseases from mold.

Pulmonary hemorrhages can cause bloody coughs and severe pain. Some people report dizziness, memory loss, and other cognitive symptoms of mold illness.

Cleaning and Preventing Mold Problems

While medicine can treat the symptoms, you’ll need a Manhattan mold removal company to get rid of the cause. A two-step mold treatment includes disinfecting and deodorizing with an anti-microbial, followed by a silver polymer coating that prevents mold growth on surfaces.

If you are experiencing mold sickness, see your healthcare provider and contact Stern Mold for Manhattan mold removal immediately.

What to Know About Mold Poisoning

Don't let mold cost your body more than it should.

Don’t let mold cost your body more than it should.

While not all molds are poisonous, its more dangerous spores exist all around us. Commonly called black mold or toxic mold, these fungi produce toxins in the air that enter our respiratory systems and cause mild to severe symptoms. Learn the facts about mold poisoning to understand why you should consider NYC mold removal to protect your home or building.

What Is Mold Poisoning?

Just like pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, mold is readily found indoors and outdoors. High concentrations of mycotoxins (toxins released by fungus) affect those with allergy, asthma, or compromised immune systems, as well as healthy people.

Mold symptoms include:

– Difficulty breathing (coughing, wheezing)

– Irritation (red eyes, itchy skin)

– Sinus issues (stuffy or runny nose)

– Recurring headaches

– Cold and fever symptoms

– Exhaustion

– Numbness in extremities

– Anxiety and memory loss

Mold Exposure Diagnosis & Treatment

The symptoms of mold poisoning look a lot like other illnesses, so you would need to get a blood test or skin prick test by a doctor to diagnose. Mold testing can also determine if your building has abnormally high levels of mold.

Treatments for symptoms range from over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants to prescription medications and allergy shots.

Regardless of what a doctor recommends for treatment, the matter will only resolve itself after you’ve had a full-scale NYC mold removal service. This involves cleaning the mold, killing the spores, preventing mold growth, and controlling humidity.

Mold inspections and remediation can be affordable, non-intrusive, and guaranteed to work. Stern Mold offers a free test and quote for NYC mold removal that is environmentally friendly and highly effective. Call 888-887-8376 to schedule an appointment.

Will Sickness from Mold Exposure Go Away – What to Know

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Has your health been negatively impacted by mold exposure? Do you feel like there’s no end in sight to troubling symptoms that plague you daily? If you’re one of the millions who suffer because of mold, there is hope. Our Manhattan mold removal experts at Stern Mold treat mold trouble at its source. We want you to be able to feel normal again!

A Brighter Mold-Free Future

The mold-related symptoms you have shouldn’t be the new normal for you. The itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, and other upper and lower respiratory symptoms that you may deal with on a daily basis threaten your peace of mind. After you let Stern’s Manhattan mold removal team into your home to remediate mold spores, symptoms may lessen, if not completely go away.

No matter what occurs, it’s important to consult a trusted health professional with extensive knowledge and familiarity with mold exposure to discuss what to do next. Often times prescribed treatments such as antibiotics, temporary inhalers, and antihistamines can extensively relieve or even stop any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Some homeowners decide to tackle mold spores without consulting professionals. Removing mold spores is not an easy task, especially when using traditional methodology. Our Manhattan mold removal team uses advanced remediation techniques to ensure total eradication of mold spores.

Stop the Mold-Malaise

Don’t live your life in a mold spore-induced fog. Migraines, rashes, skin irritation and persistent coughing shouldn’t be a part of your future. Let Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team jumpstart your journey to recovery by contacting us today! We know a mold-free life is a lifestyle that you deserve to be living!

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