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Most Frequent Causes of Mold and What to Do About It

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

A vital element in NYC mold removal is determining the cause of the infestation. Water is essential to mold growth, so the problem almost always involves excess moisture. Here are the three most common causes of mold in NYC apartments.

1. Exterior Leaks

Plumbing in your apartment may be fine, but broken pipes or overflows in neighboring units may not be immediately evident. In the meantime, moisture seeps into your apartment, triggering mold growth. Plastic water supply lines to sinks and toilets, which are more often found in newer buildings, are the most frequent culprit.

2. Blocked PTACs

Packaged terminal air conditioners, or PTACs, are all-in-one units that control heating and cooling in many apartments and condominiums. Landlords, who are responsible for maintenance of PTACs in rental properties, often don’t know they require twice-yearly servicing.

If PTAC filters aren’t replaced often enough, dust collects in the drain of the condensate pan. As a result, overflow from the pan leaks onto the floor below, but at such a slow rate that it goes undiscovered for a long time.

3. Broken Washing Machine Hose

Stainless-steel-wrapped washing machine hoses are sturdy and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, in many cases rubber washing machine hoses, which have a tendency to break, are used instead.

NYC Mold Removal for Apartments and Condominiums

In multi-family residential buildings, mold infestations can have a ripple effect. Contact Stern Mold for a free mold inspection and consultation with our professional NYC mold removal technicians.

Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU – What You Should Know

Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU - What You Should Know

Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU – What You Should Know

Mold can cause a wide range of health problems, especially for some individuals, so it’s important to have it removed promptly with NYC mold removal services. Unfortunately, mold can show up anywhere, including at schools and universities. Find out more about a recent mold problem at LSU that has been putting students at risk.

Mold Growth at LSU

Some areas of LSU, including the West Campus Apartments, North Hall and South Hall have been dealing with mold problems. These problem started during the fall 2019 semester and have continued to cause problems for students on campus.

One student noticed extensive mold growth in several areas of her room, such as on her mattress and door frame. Her room also felt much more humid than usual.

University staff members are taking steps toward handling these mold growth problems as quickly as possible to keep students safe.

Mold Growth Solutions

Mold problems can get out of control in a short amount of time when they’re not dealt with promptly. To keep you and your family safe, it’s crucial to have mold problems taken care of with professional treatment. This helps ensure that mold growth in your home is completely gone, so that you’ll have a lower risk of health issues.

Mold removal experts can also recommend steps to take to prevent your home from having a mold problem.

If you need NYC mold removal services, please contact Stern Mold today. We can thoroughly eliminate mold from your home or building.

Think Twice Before Going To These Hospitals Being Treated For Mold This Year

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold is an equal-opportunity invader with no respect for the type of building or people using it. Problems at these five hospitals illustrate why Manhattan mold removal is necessary for any affected building, residential or commercial.

5 Hospitals with Mold-Related Issues

1. In December 2018, 53 employees working on the maternity floor at Staten Island University Hospital became sickened by a moldy odor. Environmental testing revealed moderate levels of mold in the air that was traced back to mold behind a sink wall.

2. A faulty ice machine that failed to drain properly led to mold in a nutrition room at Petaluma Valley Hospital in California. For safety purposes, the hospital temporarily shut down its labor and delivery unit for several months.

3. When mold was found in a surgical instrument sterilization room last fall, Los Angeles County’s USC Medical Center had to take the drastic step of suspending elective surgeries and other procedures for a two-week period.

4. Seattle Children’s Hospital has been battling a mold problem in its ventilation system dating back to 2001. With 14 infections and six deaths believed to be caused by Aspergillus mold, the situation has triggered numerous lawsuits.

5. Air testing at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in December 2019 revealed abnormally high levels of Aspergillus and Penicillium molds. The hospital ultimately relocated surgeries and moved 28 cardiac intensive care patients.

Stern Mold: Experts in Manhattan Mold Removal

Our MoldExterm program is safe and effective for any type of building. Contact us for more information.

When The Place That’s Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker – What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

When The Place That's Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker - What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

When The Place That’s Supposed To Make You Better Makes You Sicker – What To Know About Hospital Mold Infestations

Where do you turn when the healthcare system causes you to become even sicker? A recent story out of Seattle illustrates why NYC mold removal is so important for medical facilities.

History of Mold-Related Illnesses

In November 2019, Seattle Children’s Hospital temporarily closed most of its operating rooms to install a new rooftop air handler and in-room HEPA filters. Sadly, this move came only after 14 patients developed aspergillosis over an 18-year period. Six cases resulted in fatalities.

Aspergillus is a common species of mold and one of the forms referred to as “toxic.” While most people experience no problems inhaling Aspergillus spores, those with preexisting lung conditions or compromised immune systems are at risk for developing infections known as aspergillosis.

One Patient’s Experience

Complaints from hospital employees about poor maintenance of the ventilation system came to light in a 2005 lawsuit involving a 12-year-old patient who became ill after successful brain surgery. Testing revealed that her spinal column was filled with Aspergillus mold, which necessitated a five-year course of antifungal medication.

Despite treatment and a long-term stay in rehabilitation, the patient was left with permanent disability. Testimony in the lawsuit included sworn statements from members of the hospital’s building and engineering department describing the mold- and debris-filled condition of the ventilation system.

Protect Your Health with Effective NYC Mold Removal

Mold has no respect for hospitals, restaurants or family homes. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free inspection by our cheerful and experienced NYC mold removal technicians.

Can You Die from Mold Exposure?

Health Concerns of People Exposed to Mold

Health Concerns of People Exposed to Mold

The good news is that you won’t die if you’re exposed to mold – even if it’s black mold. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact Manhattan mold removal specialists to have it taken care of. Mold in your home can still make you and your family sick, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to handle as soon as possible. Let’s talk about what you need to know.

The Effects of Mold on People’s Health

There are some people who don’t react to the presence of mold at all. But there are others who are very sensitive to it. These individuals may develop a number of symptoms including:

* Itchy, watery eyes

* Itchy skin or rashes

* Breathing problems, such as wheezing

* A stuffy nose

* Sneezing and coughing

Some people develop allergies to mold, and there are others who may develop asthma as a result of it. For someone who already has breathing problems, mold can make them a lot worse.

Who is at Risk for Mold-Related Health Problems?

People with serious health problems could be at risk for severe reactions to mold. That includes people who are allergic to it and those with lung diseases or immune system issues. But the presence of mold can also trigger any of the above, so it’s important to take care of it quickly.

Contact Your Manhattan Mold Removal Experts

When it comes to Manhattan mold removal, Stern Mold is here to help. We offer free inspections, so reach out to us today to get yours. We’ll come up with a plan to fix your mold problem right away.

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