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Tips for Identifying If Your Apartment or Co-Op Has a Mold Problem

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Do you live in an apartment or Co-Op? Is your health failing? What’s happening? If you’ve experienced troubling symptoms that affect your livelihood, your dwelling may have a mold problem. How do you identify it? Who can you turn to? With a little deductive reasoning, some mold clue-ins and help from your friends on the Stern Mold Treatment NYC team, mold will have no place left to hide!

Know What You’re Looking For

Mold growth can occur at any time. Leaks from neighboring units could be triggering mold growth. It’s important to look for water spots in your area as well. Mold thrives on moisture. When mold spores land on wet surfaces, mold grows. It’s important to address leaks and mold growth quickly to prevent harmful mold exposure from affecting you.

Do you get sick more often when you’re in-house or outdoors? If you notice that your allergy symptoms seem to get better when you are outside, mold might be an issue in your complex. Sneezing, runny nose, wheezing and other symptoms are often linked to a rampant mold infestation.

Mold is versatile. Never assume something isn’t mold. It can be any color, shape or size. If there is a spot in your home that continually looks dusty brown, it could be mold, not dust bunnies!

Contact Us Today!

Does it look like rain or–condensation? Mold loves humidity. Our Stern Mold Treatment NYC experts understand what environments mold thrives in. We want you to thrive instead. We can determine if mold is making a mess out of your home and peace of mind and offer inspections to keep mold out of your life for good!

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials Making Properties Uninhabitable

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials

Do you worry that excessive mold is contaminating your health, your family members’ quality of life, even your property’s livability? Moisture permeating the air or leaks soaking into your building’s materials carries with it the threat of mold growth. What can you do to stop this from happening? Our NYC mold remediation crew can help you determine what to do next to prevent mold from damaging all you hold dear.

Putting Mold at the Stern

At Stern Mold, our NYC mold remediation experts help your property steer clear of the threat of immoderate mold growth. Below are some of the steps you can take to keep mold from destroying your personal property.

– Stop the moisture from penetrating your space. Utilize exhaust fans in areas that generate the most water vapor. Bathrooms, kitchens even laundry areas can produce mold-producing conditions.

– Test the amount of humidity in your home. Hygrometers determine the relative amount of humidity in the tested area. A rule of thumb is to keep your relative humidity below 60 percent.

– Study your surroundings. Look for moisture under sinks, note dark spots on walls, and feel for damp areas along the floor. Broken pipes, basement areas, and rooflines are susceptible to leaking. Check these areas periodically to keep on top of the mold!

– Sniff around. How does your building smell? Overpowering musty scents are a sign that mold growth is already occurring.

Get Property Protection

You can keep mold from becoming a serious threat to your property. Ensure your environment is a safe and healthy one. It starts with you! Contact our NYC mold remediation team and get some valuable information to guard your investment!

Am I Reacting to Mold? What Are the Symptoms?

Mold in an Office Building is No Problem for Us

Mold in an Office Building is No Problem for Us

People are often initially unaware of a mold infestation in their building because it’s not always immediately visible. The first suggestion of a possible problem may come from physical symptoms that develop after exposure to the mold spores. Learning to recognize the more common symptoms can help alert you to the necessity for mold treatment.

Mold is an important part of the ecosystem and you’re likely to be exposed to it on a daily basis without any negative effects. Problems arise when mold gets a foothold indoors, where limited ventilation can’t prevent a concentrated build-up. As a result, you and others in the home or building end up inhaling significant quantities of mold spores.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to mold causes primarily upper-respiratory ailments such as wheezing, nasal stuffiness and itchy, watery eyes. Intensity of the symptoms can vary based on an individual’s particular allergies or sensitivities. However, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has found sufficient evidence to demonstrate that mold can cause upper-respiratory ailments in otherwise healthy people.

Another serious matter concerns the effects of mold exposure on children. The IOM data showed that healthy children are also susceptible to the upper-respiratory symptoms. In addition, studies have found evidence of a link between early exposure to mold and the development of asthma.

Traditional remediation methods can actually aggravate mold-related health problems by dispersing mold spores into the environment. Our innovative MoldExterm mold treatment concentrates on killing the fungus and preventing its return. Visit our website to schedule a free mold inspection and evaluation of your property.