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Common Mold Types Found in Buildings and Condos

Common Molds

Common Molds

Mold is generic term that covers more than just one type of mold found in buildings and condos. Each mold shares characteristics but the main types have certain identifiable features, all of which require NYC mold treatment.


This is the most common type of mold and one of the biggest causes of allergic reactions. Alternia concentrations are highest in the summer when their spores come inside through dry winds.


This mold is often found as the culprit of mold infestations in buildings. The spores of aspergillus are toxic and exist in higher quantities inside. This toxic mold can cause health issues in humans and animals.


This mold thrives at nearly all temperatures, including extreme cold. It can be a major cause of asthma attacks.


This toxic mold has a colorful appearance that can be green, blue or yellow. This type of mold contains mycotoxins that humans developed into the beneficial antibiotic of penicillin.


Commonly called “black mold,” this type of mold is highly toxic and thrives on cotton, paper and wood. It dominates other types of mold that already have established colonies.

Many forms of mold are impossible to detect without professional assistance. Mold can live in the walls, floors and ceilings of a building without being seen. Even when you can’t see mold, it can cause health issues that require help from NYC mold treatment. Sometimes it can spread unseen for such a long period that it requires intensive treatment and removal. Protecting health and preserving building structures should be the top priority of every property owner.

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