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Tips for Real Estate Agents When Mold Is Disclosed of Found

Mold Issues in Real Estate Sales

For real estate agents listing properties with mold, you may want to consider Manhattan mold removal services to keep the deal going through.

Tips When Mold is Present in Properties on the Market

There are several ways you can address a moldy issue and still retain your commission. Consider one of these helpful ways to soothe a client’s worry level about the presence of mold.

– Explain mold is only going to be present in areas where water may accumulate or there is high humidity. This could be condensation around a window. Replacing window trim and/or drywall may be all that’s needed.

– If the listing agreement notes the presence of mold, there’s no need for an inspection. It’s already present, so the next move is having it treated.

– Put to rest that all molds are toxic. Help educate your clients about the types of mold and their effects so they can make an informed decision.

– Let clients know a small area of mold can be eliminated with basic supplies, but they also have the option of hiring a professional company.

– Put fears to rest by letting clients know the mold remediation process by a professional company only takes from 1 to 3 days.

– For mold remediation, get estimates.

While mold may be part of everyday life, no one wants to buy a home only to find mold growing in secret places. At SternMold, our Manhattan mold removal specialists are johnny-on-the-spot with the latest in technology and treatments to rid your home of unsightly mold issues. Call today for a free home inspection and let us put things right in your home immediately, if not sooner.

Is It Bad to Live in a Space with Mold?

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What does mold do–or rather what can mold do to you? Our Manhattan mold removal experts have all the answers. If you’re against sharing a space with mold spores, it’s time to quit with the niceties and get rid of them. Keep these particular unwanted guests away because they make for horrible roommates!

Your New Roomie is Catching

Mold is always annoying. It irritates your skin, eyes, and throat and it doesn’t stop there! If you have children or older members of the family living there, it can spell all kinds of trouble. Young children have developed asthma after exposure to mold. Older residents or those with weakened immune systems can suffer from serious health complications like lung infections. That can be very dangerous to those who require extra medical care.

Mold will readily take residence when humidity is high or a leak is not addressed properly. Are you mold-sensitive? Don’t wait to find out. Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold removal team knows how damaging mold can be long-term. Before mold claims your favorite lounge area as its own, you can do a few run-throughs to make your space is as uninviting as possible.

1. Check for leaks and address them. Mold is unwilling to help maintain your area, in fact, it loves to grow in a very damp and rotting environment.

2. Use a dehumidifier. Mold can’t stand dry air. They love saunas and steamy atmospheres.

3. Keep your areas clean. Mold doesn’t respect personal boundaries – without clean surfaces, mold will quickly infringe on your space.

Need tips to get rid of your moldy boarder? Contact Stern Mold today to get the inside scoop!

Suffering from Mold Exposure – Some Natural Lifestyle Tips for After Treatment

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Are you a New York local who is experiencing health complications due to mold exposure? Our NYC mold removal team is ready to help you take the first step towards a better, healthier life. At Stern Mold, we combine our knowledge and experience to ensure you enjoy life without mold.

All Natural After Mold Removal

Once a trusted NYC mold removal team clears your house of the cause of your health troubles, it’s best to be on guard. Thankfully there are natural preventative steps you can take to keep mold away. Here are a few tips you can work into your everyday life to prevent mold spores from taking a round trip to your home:

1. Batten down the hatches. During high mold spore counts, close windows and doors to keep mold spores from returning for a second round.

2. Scrub the deck (or access areas). Keep access points, where mold invades, clean. Vents, fans, and gutters need to be cleaned to reduce the chances of a moldy comeback!

3. Hoist the dehumidifier. Moist places in the home like basements, bathrooms and laundry areas are prone to mold spores. Use a dehumidifier to bring down excessive moisture and keep places dry and free from fungus.

4. Man the canons. Protect yourself by wearing masks when doing yard work or gardening. Mold likes to make its home on wet leaves and other moisture-laden flora.

By the Stern

Our NYC mold removal team remediates and reforms how you think of mold. Trust the experts and get the facts! Mold isn’t harmless, but it’s treatable. Steer here to Stern Mold today and set sail towards new mold-free horizons!

How to Report a Mold Complaint Against a Landlord or Building Owner in NYC

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Mold Services

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Mold Services

If you’re in need of long-lasting NYC mold removal solutions, our Stern Mold team is ready and willing to help! Do you live in a building that is showing signs of mold infestation? Have you contacted your landlord about the issue? Do you feel your concerns have yet to be appropriately addressed? You can safeguard your health and those around you by taking positive action.

Remediating Harmful Reluctance

Our NYC mold removal crew understands the importance of implementing a process. If you go through the right steps, you facilitate the best results achievable. If mold is indeed affecting your livelihood, notify the building owner or landlord right away. This action affords responsible owners the initiative to decide how to remedy the situation. Their next step will determine yours.

The longer mold remains without treatment, the more likely it will spread and negatively impact your life. After notifying your landlord, have you noticed if they are quick or slow to respond? Doing nothing is a choice. When your landlord chooses to neglect or disregard legitimate concerns, it’s time to act. Filling out and turning in a Mold Complaint form can help jumpstart the owner into positive action.

Got to Be Stern

Residential, commercial and abandoned buildings are all under the threat of mold growth, and in New York, our humidity is prime for mold growth. Rental property owners are required by law to ensure your environment is livable. Mold takes away that celebrated liveability.

Stern Mold is an NYC mold removal service that understands humidity and your desire to live without fear of acquiring dangerous health afflictions. Contact us now and claim a mold-free peace-of-mind today!

Mold Self Treatment – When to Call in the Pros for Mold Removal

Mold Self Treatment - When to Call in the Pros for Mold Removal

Mold Self Treatment – When to Call in the Pros for Mold Removal

Have you done everything you can to rid your property of mold but nothing you do seems to work? You’ll save yourself time and money if you ask the trusted Stern Mold NYC mold removal experts to eliminate the fungus that is infiltrating your space.

Mold isn’t patient. As you’re looking for ways to get rid of this unwelcome and harmful substance invading your peace of mind, the mold will continue to grow.

Health and a Wealth of Information

Don’t allow the unknown to threaten your health any longer. The quicker the problem is handled the less likely you or your loved ones will suffer from its long-term effects.

If you’ve discovered a leak, the mold may already be centralizing in that area. If humidity is prominent in your area, mold spores may be traveling through your home and infesting. Contact the pros right away so you can improve your environment and stop mold from making your home theirs.

Knowledge and observation are two key elements in determining mold’s source and what to do next. Get factual with fungus by utilizing a resource that knows mold and its habits. We know exactly what to do about mold! At Stern Mold, we combine experience, information and a plan of action to clear the air and combat the problem with efficiency.

The NYC Pros

NYC mold removal experts recognize the signs. If you are stressed out, tired, and continually caught up in fighting back against the unseen (aka mold) don’t struggle any longer! We’ll do the hard work for you. Contact us to acquire the relief that comes when you trust our team of mold removal experts!

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