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Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Mold - An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

No one wants mold in their home but unfortunately, our homes provide plenty of places for the toxin to hide. Finding the hiding spots and addressing issues is the first step in monitoring and maintaining a mold-free environment.

Mold and Health Issues

Mold is common and causes a variety of symptoms to those who come in contact with the spores. A few of the most common symptoms include:

– autoimmunity

– asthma

– fatigue

– hair loss

– headaches

– insomnia

– nausea

– weight loss

Places of Interest

One area in the home that can be a hotbed of activity for moisture is the bathroom. Humidity gathers in the room and creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. To help eliminate moisture and humidity, always run the fan to keep the room ventilated. If your bathroom doesn’t have a small exhaust fan, have one installed.

Do visual checks around sink pipes under the cabinets in the kitchen and vanity in the bathroom, as well as behind wallpaper exposed to humidity. Find the source and contact an NYC mold removal specialist to address the problem.

Another area to check is your car. If there are any openings where the seals lining the trunk or around windows have deteriorated or been damaged, water can seep in, accumulate in upholstery, and create that musty smell that is a sure sign of mold.

Water pipes leaking behind a wall and roof leaks will affect drywall, floors, and ceiling tiles where mold can grow and wreak havoc.

If you have a moldy situation, calling in professional NYC mold removal specialists from Stern Mold is recommended. We know how to treat mold safely. Call us today.

Could Your Child’s School Be Involved in a Mold Cover-up?

Is you Children's School Harboring Mold?

Is you Children’s School Harboring Mold?

Parents of students at Providence High School have been persistent in their complaints that there’s something amiss in the air that is making their children sick.

A meeting with Superintendent Clayton Wilcox was scheduled so parents could put pressure on the school to look into what is causing the problem.

Students and faculty were complaining of headaches, fatigue, and sinus problems and noting the problem was mold related. While contractors were brought in and the principal had notified families that a second contractor had been scheduled, there remains a stigma of suspicion that the school authorities had not been as forthcoming with information as they should have been.

Contractors that had been called in to check for mold did in fact find evidence of water damage and possible mold-damaged ceiling tiles. Due to inaccurate information being provided by school officials, it’s evident Providence High needs a thorough inspection by state health officials to determine the extent of damage and to clean up the problems.

As of this writing, when asked, a school official replied that “the district has and will bring in outside resources as necessary to respond to any issues found.”

If you’re experiencing symptoms of mold at home, don’t wait to get professional help. Certain mold types are harmful to your health and should be removed as soon as possible.

At Stern Mold, our focus is on NYC mold treatment to keep your home or business free and clear. With our NYC mold treatment known as MoldExterm on the job, we can take care of eradicating the problem quickly, efficiently, and with less cost than traditional remediation. Call today for a free inspection.

What Symptoms Would I Experience from Chronic Mold Exposure?

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Mold-related illness is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms can be similar to those for other conditions. People may dismiss their running nose, irritated eyes, and fatigue as seasonal allergies or a cold, but chronic mold exposure can lead to serious health problems. Proper treatment for any mold illness requires eliminating the underlying mold problem. Know the facts about mold and your health to protect your family and employees.

Symptoms may vary based on the type of mold

There are many different types of mold. While black mold is the one commonly associated with illness, there are other types of mold that are potentially harmful. Mold breaks down biological materials like wood and paper. As this happens, the mold produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When you smell a musty odor in a building, you are smelling the VOCs. Some VOCs can be dangerous to building occupants.

Common symptoms of mold exposure

Since mold spores are tiny and travel undetected through the air, they are easily inhaled and can lead to ongoing sinus problems and respiratory issues. Also, contact with mold can cause a skin irritation called Sporotrichosis. Mold illness may manifest in different ways because the mycotoxins can cause an over-response by your body’s immune system. An overactive immune response results in many different symptoms.

Be proactive about mold and your health

If you suspect you may be experiencing symptoms from mold exposure, contact a physician with knowledge and experience in mold illness. To quickly and effectively eliminate mold from your home or business, contact the experts at Stern Mold. The MoldExterm method is less costly than traditional remediation methods and includes a comprehensive guarantee.

Wet Winter Months Cause Mold to Grow

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold in the Winter?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold in the Winter?

Most people assume that they don’t need to worry about mold during the winter months. The weather is dry, and there doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for mold to grow. The fact is that the exact opposite is true. Winter is a prime time for mold to grow in your home. If you’re not diligent about keeping it at bay, you could end up with a big problem by the time spring arrives.

If you find that you have a winter mold issue, our mold removal services can be your remedy. However, it’s best to know what you can do to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Your Anti-Mold To-Do List for Winter

Taking these steps should be your priority as you work to prevent mold growth in your home:

– Make sure your home stays clean

– Keep the air circulating

– Check for moisture in the basement and repair any cracks in your foundation

– Heat humid areas, and then open a window to let the moist air escape

– Repair or replace all of the seals on your doors and windows

What to do in Severe Weather to Prevent Mold

As you know, our area of the U.S. is prone to severe weather. This might mean heavy rain or snow, which could then lead to flooding. If this happens, it’s important to act fast. Keep temperatures lower in your home, which can keep mold from growing. You should also clean up any areas of standing water.

If you do run into an issue with mold, contact Stern Mold for a free inspection. Our mold removal service in NJ can help you fix the problem.

Mold – an Indoor Toxin that Loves Winter

Mold Loves Cold Weather

Mold Loves the Winter

If a cold winter morning makes you want to stay curled up in bed under the covers, you are not alone. Toxic mold loves being indoors during the winter months, too. The ideal environment for mold is a warm humid environment. Ice dams form on the edge of roofs during cold weather and prevent water from properly draining off the roof and away from the building. That is just one of the many ways water can enter a building and cause mold growth during winter months. The mold removal NYC experts at Stern Mold can help regardless of the cause of indoor mold.

Sweating windows can cause mold

Condensation on and around windows is a common issue that appears harmless. When the outside temperature is significantly colder than the indoor temperature, the moisture in the warm interior air will liquify when it comes in contact with the glass surface of windows. Insulated windows are less likely to sweat. If you do have some windows that get condensation from time to time, dry the area regularly to prevent moisture from spreading to the wood and drywall around the window. Mold can grow inside walls and the microscopic mold spores can find their way into the air you breathe every day.

Mold can be quickly and effectively eliminated

Traditional mold remediation methods are expensive, messy, and time-consuming. The MoldExterm method is less costly, quicker, and comes with a comprehensive mold-free warranty. Be proactive about protecting the health of your family and employees by calling the mold removal NYC experts at Stern for a free mold inspection. Most mold treatments can be completed in less than a day.

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