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Mold in Your Bedroom – Know the Health Implications

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Know the Dangers of Having Mold in Your Bedroom

Mold spores love New York, a state that’s home to one of the most humid cities in the contiguous United States. What does that mean for you? If you’re a NYC resident, your home may be one of the 10 to 50 percent of homes estimated to be plagued by damp conditions.

Dampness and humidity condition your home to accept mold growth. Does your bedroom have poor ventilation? Mold spores enjoy poorly ventilated areas!  You don’t have to share a room with mold spores; your local NYC mold removal experts can help!

Bunking with Mold

As soon as mold spores go through their reproduction process, the spores will be airborne and spread. When mold spores spread, you’re more likely to suffer from symptoms linked to mold exposure. Different types of mold spores can trigger harmful health reactions like these:

– Hay Fever

– Asthmatic Symptoms

– Allergies

– Other Respiratory Problems

If you or your loved ones are experiencing serious symptoms such as:

– Breathing Problems

– Dizziness

– Hearing/Memory Loss

– Vomiting/Nausea

– Lung Bleeding

Seek professional help as soon as possible because toxic black mold exposure triggers the most serious of health symptoms of all the mold types. Thankfully, the presence of toxic black mold isn’t common. It will be beneficial to receive a thorough mold inspection of your home to determine if your symptoms have been triggered by exposure.

Stern Mold Removal

Our Stern Mold NYC mold removal team is serious about helping you live a normal mold-free life. You shouldn’t have to live in fear in your own home. Contact Stern Mold today! We can help rid your sleeping quarters of unhealthy mold spores!