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One State’s Public Health Department Cites Conditions for Mold Growth

One State's Public Health Department Cites Conditions for Mold Growth

One State’s Public Health Department Cites Conditions for Mold Growth

How can you be sure your business or residence is not primed for mold growth? What can you do if your property is a spawning ground for invasive mold spores? One state’s public health department describes the conditions that mold growth feeds on and Stern’s Manhattan mold removal team is ready to respond! We’ll condition your property so you can avoid or eradicate a close encounter with health-threatening mold spores.

Rid the Ideal Condition

What makes your home or office so attractive to mold spores? Do you have reason to take positive action? Here are a few characteristics of an environment that mold spores would love to claim as their own:

– The building is set on a foundation that doesn’t allow for proper drainage.

– Flooding occurred in areas with slab construction. Mold can grow after flood waters have seeped up through the concrete into carpet pads and other flooring materials.

– There are high humidity levels indoors. When water vapor is in a confined space, moisture tends to settle and sink into building materials or any furniture that is penetrable.

– An area or room is drafty, has poor insulation and cold surfaces. Condensation forms and creates the ideal conditions for mold growth.

– Windows, roofs, and walls that weren’t properly sealed have leakage that leads to excessive moisture.

It’s important to address leaks, flooding or high humidity levels as quickly as possible because mold spores spread quickly.

Stern Cleans House

Do you need a Manhattan mold removal team to help you reclaim your property? Contact Stern Mold today! Our team of experts will inspect, prescribe and apply effective solutions to stop mold spores from invading!