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Think Twice Before Going To These Hospitals Being Treated For Mold This Year

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold is an equal-opportunity invader with no respect for the type of building or people using it. Problems at these five hospitals illustrate why Manhattan mold removal is necessary for any affected building, residential or commercial.

5 Hospitals with Mold-Related Issues

1. In December 2018, 53 employees working on the maternity floor at Staten Island University Hospital became sickened by a moldy odor. Environmental testing revealed moderate levels of mold in the air that was traced back to mold behind a sink wall.

2. A faulty ice machine that failed to drain properly led to mold in a nutrition room at Petaluma Valley Hospital in California. For safety purposes, the hospital temporarily shut down its labor and delivery unit for several months.

3. When mold was found in a surgical instrument sterilization room last fall, Los Angeles County’s USC Medical Center had to take the drastic step of suspending elective surgeries and other procedures for a two-week period.

4. Seattle Children’s Hospital has been battling a mold problem in its ventilation system dating back to 2001. With 14 infections and six deaths believed to be caused by Aspergillus mold, the situation has triggered numerous lawsuits.

5. Air testing at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in December 2019 revealed abnormally high levels of Aspergillus and Penicillium molds. The hospital ultimately relocated surgeries and moved 28 cardiac intensive care patients.

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