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What to Know About New Jersey Winter Mold Problems

What to Know About New Jersey Winter Mold Problems

What to Know About New Jersey Winter Mold Problems

The chilly New Jersey winter season is here. While temperatures are freezing, you could be tucked away snug in your home content to ride out the weather. Everything may seem right in your world, but unknowingly you may be in the company of some unwanted guests!

Mold spores love moisture and warm air. Cold temperatures, moisture-laden air, and heat breed mold, so mold spores could be growing in your home right now. The cozy, tranquil interior of your home could be filled with the discordant cacophony of continuous coughing because mold only lays dormant until moisture comes around.

Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team won’t rest until your life-disrupting mold is gone!

Manhattan Mold Removal Team’s Go-To Tips

Mold spores don’t take a winter vacation. Mold can be troublesome in winter because mold irritants trigger symptoms similar to cold or flu viruses. How do you know if you are experiencing a virus or the effects of mold? Prolonged symptoms of throat irritation, sinus issues, rashes or other debilitating health concerns may hint at mold spores existing in your home. Here are a few tips to help keep your home mold-free:

– Monitor the humidity level in your home. High humidity is a mold haven.

– Regularly vacuum and clean your home.

– Cover crawl spaces with polyethylene plastic.

– Make sure gutters and downspouts keep water flowing away from your foundation.

– Keep materials that mold spores feed on, such as books or clothing, away from walls and out of areas that have high humidity.

The Manhattan mold removal team at Stern Mold will help your home stay mold-free! Click here to set up a mold inspection appointment today!

Using Fans Proactively to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Cold Weather

Using Fans Proactively to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Cold Weather

Using Fans Proactively to Prevent the Growth of Mold in Cold Weather

Stagnant areas of air can quickly become a mold paradise. Rooms that have good airflow may prevent spores from claiming your property as their permanent residence. How can you keep toxic mold from running roughshod over your carefully laid plans? If you employ the right methods and utilize trusted Manhattan mold removal professionals, you’ll be able to proactively put your mold worries to rest.

If You’re Not a Fan of Mold

What do you do when humidity and air flow work to promote mold? When mold spores begin to cohabitate with you in your space, it’s time to check the ventilation system. Here are a few ways fans/vents can stop mold from becoming a threat to your health and home:

– Use what you have. Do you have fans in your bathroom or over your stove in the kitchen? If you do then use them. Air circulation keeps invasive mold spores from hanging around.

– What are the ventilation options in your home or business? Do certain rooms feel more cloistering than others? Place ventilation fans in those areas.

– Make sure any fans or vents are regularly cleaned. Proper cleaning ensures the ducts don’t become potential fire hazards or ineffective against mold.

– Are your fans directing moisture or steam into areas without ventilation? Check any ventilation systems that direct air outside of your home to make sure they aren’t causing mold growth in outdoor building eaves.

Your Number One Fan

Our Manhattan Mold Removal team knows the importance of air circulation and mold remediation. We use the best tools to keep mold out. Contact Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts today and begin to breathe easier!

Brace Yourself: Mold Spores Grow in Cold Uninsulated Spaces

Brace Yourself: Mold Spores Grow in Cold Uninsulated Spaces

Stern’s NYC mold removal experts know the truth! The onslaught of freezing temperatures doesn’t guarantee your home or business is safe from mold. Mold spores are very resourceful. How do you brace yourself for a mold attack? Remaining diligent is key.

In Your Best Interest

How do you keep mold from creating an insurmountable dent in your spending budget? Typically, humid climates and unaddressed leaks are prime suspects in enabling a thriving mold environment, but Stern’s NYC mold removal experts will be the first to tell you mold doesn’t play favorites.

Mold spores attach easily and can grow on uninsulated exterior walls, spaces, and materials during the colder seasons. A closer evaluation of your property can shed some clarity on potential mold threats and future costs.

A Chilly Welcome

During winter, a dependable heat source can keep the chill away. When warm air meets an unprotected cold surface in your building, moisture-seeking mold could latch on. Even if you turn off your source of heat, that’s no guarantee mold will not find its way into your building or residence.

Even if you give mold a chilly reception, mold spores are notorious for finding a way to destroy your health and happiness. That’s why it’s important to periodically check for mold spores in or around building areas like these:

– Exterior windows that have no surrounding insulation.

– Exterior walls exposed to cold temperatures.

– Cold room(s) or closets along outer walls.

– Basements or attics where condensation can collect without being noticed.

Are you worried you have mold in your home? Contact Stern Mold today to find out how their solutions can warm your heart and hearth this winter!

How Fast Can Mold Grow Behind and On Walls

mildew in an apartment

Manhattan’s many attributes and attractions prove welcoming to tourists and the local crowd. But one particular characteristic that invites the wrong kind of visitor is Manhattan’s humid climate. Mold loves it! Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team solves your mold problems so you can get back to enjoying all the benefits Manhattan has to offer.

A Speedy Recipe for Mold

Stagnant air, low lighting, and moist surfaces create the ideal environment for burgeoning mold spores. In one to two days mold can grow and colonize. Is your home or storefront a humidity playground? After spores alight on a surface, mold’s swift growing process begins. The more time that passes, the more likely mold can become a permanent fixture in your household or business.

Mold could already be growing on your property, so it may be the perfect time for trusted mold experts to run interference!

Ideal Mold Conditions

Humidity isn’t the only known mold trigger. There are many others. Check below to see if your Manhattan business or residence has experienced any of these mold invitationals:

– Fire Damage

– Flooding

– Faulty Plumbing System

– Roof Damage

– Ceilings or Walls with Water Staining

– Water Damaged Flooring or Drywall

Your property is likely to experience one or more of these costly damages during its lifetime. The Manhattan mold removal experts at Stern Mold can help you unmask the often hidden secrets behind your walls and save your property value.

If you know your building’s history, this can be a great help in determining if you should enlist the expertise of the mold remediation gurus in your area. Contact our Stern Mold experts today, we’ll act fast on your behalf!

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

In the aftermath of traumatizing natural disasters, flooding often occurs, which causes irreparable harm to lives and property. Hidden behind water-damaged walls lurks an even larger threat, the threat of mold. Keep yourself and your property safe from undergoing more damage by enlisting the help of mold experts.

When flooding occurs, skilled NYC mold removal teams are ready and willing to jump in and help you reclaim some peace of mind.

We Never Rest

Homes or businesses that have been invaded by flooding need help and fast because flooding can accelerate the process of mold growth. Stern Mold understands how quickly mold can invade what’s left of your investment. Mold spreads quickly, so save your lungs and your loved ones from health issues later on.

Our NYC mold removal team helps reduce the health-damaging effects of mold exposure. We know which tools are necessary to eradicate mold from your property.

Why Get Help Now?

There are specific groups of people who are more vulnerable to mold growth. If possible, make certain that these people steer clear of water-damaged areas when clean up is occurring:

– Young Children

– Older Individuals

– Chemo Patients

– Pregnant Women

– Those with Pre-existing Respiratory Issues

– Ill Children or Adults

– Allergy/Asthmas Sufferers

Protect Health & Property

Our NYC mold removal experts at Stern Mold want to provide you with the comfort you need after a flooding disaster occurs. Costly property losses are difficult enough without the possible threat of recurring health problems triggered by harmful mold. We help stop these unseen threats from wreaking havoc so you can deal with other flood-related problems. Contact us today for a free mold quote!

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