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What Your Property Buyers Need to Know About Your Mold Issues

Detect Mold Before Putting Your Home on the Market

Detect Mold Before Putting Your Home on the Market

In recent years, the public has become more aware of the dangers of internal mold. If you’re selling a home, a mold infestation can seriously reduce the possibility of selling the house for your asking price, or even finding a buyer. Our NYC mold removal experts explain how to address mold issues with prospective buyers.

How Mold Affects a Home

When microscopic mold spores are inhaled, they irritate linings in the nose, throat and lungs, resulting in upper respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and watery eyes. Some species known as black mold carry toxins that can also cause health problems.

People with allergies or existing respiratory conditions are the most susceptible to the health effects of mold. However, people aren’t willing to take the risk of knowingly moving into a home with a mold problem.

Can You Sell a Home with Mold?

There are several steps you can take to prevent a mold issue from hindering the sale of your home:

• Be proactive in dealing with mold issues before putting your home on the market.

• Carefully examine your home from top to bottom. In addition to visual signs of mold, check for musty smells.

• Immediately repair any leaks or water damage.

• Document anything related to mold inspection and treatment, including repairs and testing.

Get Peace of Mind with Effective NYC Mold Removal

Pamela Stern is our in-house licensed NY State Mold Assessor, experienced in detecting and solving the toughest mold problems. Contact us to schedule your free mold inspection.

Do You Have Mold Hiding in You AC Ductwork?


You Can Effectively Control Mold

You Can Effectively Control Mold and Their Spores

Mold likes hiding in plain sight. The moist air in our Manhattan area keeps mold spores on the cusp of invading your space. You could have the microfilaments of mold settling into your walls or ductwork right now.

Excessive humidity or lingering residue triggered by leaks or trapped moisture invites mold spores to inhabit your space with you. Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts know the warning signs and are ready to help you take action!

The Ideal Setting for Mold Spores

Mold spores look for places to hang out and stay a while. If you’re a property or business owner, make sure to perform a weekly walk-through to spot any potential mold spore access points. Seek out areas of pooling water, blocked drains, excessive condensation near pipes and sniff out any peculiar smells. If you spot any of these signs, mold spores may be present. Check these favorite habitable spaces for signs of mold:

• AC Evaporator Coils

• Drip Pans

• Ductwork

Your heating and cooling system are where hot and cold temperature zones meet and mingle. If any mold spores inhabit these areas, they don’t stay in one place very long. They spread out, traveling through air and latching onto any available materials. Since ductwork circulates air, any mold filaments present may travel through the ductwork and pollute the spaces they reach.

Stern Mold Expertise

Family members, employees or clients in buildings with mold infested ductwork are at risk for developing short and long-term health symptoms. What should you do next? Contact Stern Mold’s local Manhattan mold removal team to diagnose and remediate any mold spores that are present today!

Mold Cleanup Tips from Our Professionals

DIY Mold Clean-Up Tips

DIY Mold Clean-Up Tips

Have you discovered a small patch of mold growing in your home or building? If the area covers less than 10 square feet, you may be able to clean it yourself. Our Manhattan mold removal professionals offer some helpful DIY mold cleanup tips.

How to Clean Up Mold

-If mold was caused by leaks, repair them as soon as possible and completely dry all affected areas.

-Use a mixture of detergent and water to scrub mold from hard surfaces. Bleach and other chemicals are not recommended for mold cleanup.

-Don’t attempt to cover mold with paint or caulk. Clean and dry surfaces thoroughly before applying any substances.

-Disposal is the best treatment for infested carpets, ceiling tiles and other porous items. Mold penetrates the spaces of porous items, making cleanup virtually impossible.

-Avoid direct contact with mold. Wear gloves, goggles and a respirator during cleanup. Keep others away from the infested areas unless they are also wearing protective equipment.

-Even if mold is successfully removed, it may result in staining and cosmetic damage.

-Once mold is cleaned up, improve ventilation and clean more often to prevent it from returning.

-If mold is caused by contaminated water or it’s infested the HVAC system, don’t attempt to clean it yourself. You should also consult a professional if an infested item is expensive or has sentimental value.

Turn to the Top Manhattan Mold Removal Experts

When it comes to mold cleanup, you can’t afford to guess. Our Manhattan mold removal team has extensive experience with mold cleanup in any situation, no matter how big or small. Contact Stern Mold to schedule a free mold inspection.

Will Sickness from Mold Exposure Go Away – What to Know

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Has your health been negatively impacted by mold exposure? Do you feel like there’s no end in sight to troubling symptoms that plague you daily? If you’re one of the millions who suffer because of mold, there is hope. Our Manhattan mold removal experts at Stern Mold treat mold trouble at its source. We want you to be able to feel normal again!

A Brighter Mold-Free Future

The mold-related symptoms you have shouldn’t be the new normal for you. The itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, and other upper and lower respiratory symptoms that you may deal with on a daily basis threaten your peace of mind. After you let Stern’s Manhattan mold removal team into your home to remediate mold spores, symptoms may lessen, if not completely go away.

No matter what occurs, it’s important to consult a trusted health professional with extensive knowledge and familiarity with mold exposure to discuss what to do next. Often times prescribed treatments such as antibiotics, temporary inhalers, and antihistamines can extensively relieve or even stop any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Some homeowners decide to tackle mold spores without consulting professionals. Removing mold spores is not an easy task, especially when using traditional methodology. Our Manhattan mold removal team uses advanced remediation techniques to ensure total eradication of mold spores.

Stop the Mold-Malaise

Don’t live your life in a mold spore-induced fog. Migraines, rashes, skin irritation and persistent coughing shouldn’t be a part of your future. Let Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team jumpstart your journey to recovery by contacting us today! We know a mold-free life is a lifestyle that you deserve to be living!

How Can You Decrease Your Exposure to Mold?

Don't Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

Don’t Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

People are exposed to mold every day and quite often they don’t even realize it until it’s too late, and so it makes them sick. Fortunately, there are ways that they can decrease their exposure to it, keeping them and their family much safer and healthier.

As your Manhattan mold removal specialists, we want to share this information with you so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones as well.

Decreasing Your Mold Exposure

With some vigilance and preparation, it can be easy to decrease your exposure to mold. The following tips can help:

– Avoid areas that may have mold, such as compost piles, wooded areas and grass clippings.

– Control the humidity levels inside your home.

– Ventilate shower areas.

– Ventilate cooking areas.

– Prior to painting, add mold inhibitors to paint.

Sometimes mold can become a problem even when you’ve been careful trying to avoid it in your home. When it does, you can call upon Manhattan mold removal, or you can try to remove it yourself in some circumstances.

Removing Mold in Your Home

If you have mold growing on a hard surface in your home, you may be able to remove it with a few products from your local store. You can also use soap and water, or a mixture of one cup of bleach and one gallon of water.

If you decide to use bleach, the CDC gives the following recommendations:

– Always wear protective gear (goggles, rubber gloves and boots) to protect yourself.

– Clean the area first to ensure removal.

– Open windows and doors to ventilate the area.

Manhattan mold removal is no problem for us. Contact us for assistance!

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