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Tips for Identifying If Your Apartment or Co-Op Has a Mold Problem

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Do you live in an apartment or Co-Op? Is your health failing? What’s happening? If you’ve experienced troubling symptoms that affect your livelihood, your dwelling may have a mold problem. How do you identify it? Who can you turn to? With a little deductive reasoning, some mold clue-ins and help from your friends on the Stern Mold Treatment NYC team, mold will have no place left to hide!

Know What You’re Looking For

Mold growth can occur at any time. Leaks from neighboring units could be triggering mold growth. It’s important to look for water spots in your area as well. Mold thrives on moisture. When mold spores land on wet surfaces, mold grows. It’s important to address leaks and mold growth quickly to prevent harmful mold exposure from affecting you.

Do you get sick more often when you’re in-house or outdoors? If you notice that your allergy symptoms seem to get better when you are outside, mold might be an issue in your complex. Sneezing, runny nose, wheezing and other symptoms are often linked to a rampant mold infestation.

Mold is versatile. Never assume something isn’t mold. It can be any color, shape or size. If there is a spot in your home that continually looks dusty brown, it could be mold, not dust bunnies!

Contact Us Today!

Does it look like rain or–condensation? Mold loves humidity. Our Stern Mold Treatment NYC experts understand what environments mold thrives in. We want you to thrive instead. We can determine if mold is making a mess out of your home and peace of mind and offer inspections to keep mold out of your life for good!

Mold Infestation – Know There Is Proof of Documented Health Problems

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Do you or others you know wonder at the true effects mold spores have on your health? Don’t second guess it. The facts are in! If you require some informed insight on the health effects of mold, mold treatment NJ remediation experts are on call to help you decipher the truth from fiction.

A Stern Warning

Many people shrug off the negative impact mold can have on one’s health or quality of life, but mold infestation triggers numerous symptoms and debilitating illnesses. Mycotoxins and fungal spores carry health-threatening toxicity. When the levels of these toxins increase, dangerous health problems arise. Various studies show that the mold discovered in buildings are linked to the onslaught of adult-asthma in work-related instances.

As sensitivity to mold increases by exposure, symptoms like coughing, wheezing and other troubling respiratory ailments amp up in severity. Residents or employees that have been negatively impacted by mold growth react differently. Some experience minor reactions while others aren’t as immune to the presence of mold. For that reason and many more, our Stern Mold treatment NJ team treats every mold incident with the same level of care and seriousness.

Symptoms Linked to Mold Exposure

Here is a list of ailments that studies show can be linked to mold exposure:

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Upper respiratory tract infections

– Bleeding lung

– Cancer

– Central nervous system problems

– Fatigue

– Eye Problems

– Headaches

– Kidney Failure

We Know the Truth

Our Stern Mold treatment NJ team stops the unknowns from affecting your peace of mind by bringing remediation and relief. We seek out answers to help you maintain your health and lifestyle. Set up an appointment with us and start living again!

Tactics for Forcing Your Landlord to Treat Mold in NJ

Tactics for Getting Mold Treatment from Your Landlord

Tactics for Getting Mold Treatment from Your Landlord

Has an unaddressed leak in your rental spurred mold growth? Good health is vital to your ability to maintain your lifestyle, and mold causes numerous health risks and illnesses.

Whoever is in charge of your building should be alerted to a mold situation so a solution can be found. What happens if your landlord doesn’t understand the real threat? How can you receive the Stern Mold treatment NJ residents have come to depend on without your landlord’s approval?

Finding the Source

What is causing the mold growth? If you want your landlord to act accordingly make sure you know what the source of mold is. A quick call to mold experts can help you determine the next steps to take to find out. If there is a leak that your landlord failed to address you may have a case for mold remediation treatment.

Through Stern Mold treatment NJ businesses and homeowners can rest easy knowing that mold is not negatively impacting their lives. If you’re a renter, a simple explanation to your landlord of how debilitating mold is to a person’s quality of life and the impact it can have on property value may help set mold remediation plans in motion. If not, find out your legal rights.

Getting Resourceful

Being informed is the best way to combat any doubts or concerns. If your landlord refuses to fix the mold despite their being at fault by not fixing faulty building issues, contact your local building code office. Unaddressed leaks and code violation notices can stir your landlord to act. Our mold treatment NJ experts have the solution. Contact Stern Mold and start breathing easy again!

Do You Know These Physical Signs of Mold Exposure?

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Are you struggling to discover what is causing your troubling health symptoms? Are those maladies affecting how you live, how you breathe, maybe even how you think? It might be time to employ a mold treatment NYC team of experts to help you reclaim your health. Something as simple as getting rid of mold can change everything. It all begins with characterizing the physical signs of mold exposure.

Here Are the Signs

Mold exposure symptoms vary widely and depend on the type of mold exposure, the extent of spores in your environment and the unique makeup of a person who is suffering from them. Below is a quick symptom list that mold spores can trigger:

– Dizziness/Excessive Thirst

– Headaches/Eye Sensitivity

– Aspergillosis/Sinusitis

– Coughing/Wheezing

– Nausea/Diarrhea

– Twitching/Numbness

– Muscle Cramping

– Weight Gain

– Depression

Studies show that people who live in homes prone to excessive moisture can be more depressed in comparison to those living in dry homes. Illnesses that afflict the mind are dependent on many factors and the environment you live in is one of them. Where and how you live can change your outlook on life. If you’re feeling depressed and don’t know why, it may be time to call the Stern Mold experts!

Sign Up for Cleanup With Stern Mold

Our mold treatment NYC crew understands that your environment can actually alter the way you feel and think. We strive to create a place that you can feel safe in. We can’t change the humid New York City climate that spawns mold growth, but we can help prevent it from affecting your peace of mind. If you or someone you know is suffering from any mold-exposure symptoms, contact Stern Mold today!

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials Making Properties Uninhabitable

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials

Mold Can Destroy Building Materials

Do you worry that excessive mold is contaminating your health, your family members’ quality of life, even your property’s livability? Moisture permeating the air or leaks soaking into your building’s materials carries with it the threat of mold growth. What can you do to stop this from happening? Our NYC mold remediation crew can help you determine what to do next to prevent mold from damaging all you hold dear.

Putting Mold at the Stern

At Stern Mold, our NYC mold remediation experts help your property steer clear of the threat of immoderate mold growth. Below are some of the steps you can take to keep mold from destroying your personal property.

– Stop the moisture from penetrating your space. Utilize exhaust fans in areas that generate the most water vapor. Bathrooms, kitchens even laundry areas can produce mold-producing conditions.

– Test the amount of humidity in your home. Hygrometers determine the relative amount of humidity in the tested area. A rule of thumb is to keep your relative humidity below 60 percent.

– Study your surroundings. Look for moisture under sinks, note dark spots on walls, and feel for damp areas along the floor. Broken pipes, basement areas, and rooflines are susceptible to leaking. Check these areas periodically to keep on top of the mold!

– Sniff around. How does your building smell? Overpowering musty scents are a sign that mold growth is already occurring.

Get Property Protection

You can keep mold from becoming a serious threat to your property. Ensure your environment is a safe and healthy one. It starts with you! Contact our NYC mold remediation team and get some valuable information to guard your investment!

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