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Five Important Things to Know About Black Mold


Five Important Things to Know About Black Mold

Stachybotrys chartarum is an infamous plague on the minds of businesses and homeowners alike. Its greenish-black slimy consistency finds its way into any climate or disaster that encourages excessive stagnant moisture and heat.

What is Stachybotrys Chartarum? It’s the toxic black mold. Stern’s trusted Manhattan mold removal team knows black mold inflicts harm on the unsuspecting, and staying informed can prepare you for the uncertainty that black mold represents.

Top Five Need-To-Knows About Toxic Mold:

Black mold can trigger a variety of symptoms
Mycotoxins found in black mold spores can trigger symptoms like skin inflammation, respiratory issues, body weakness, nausea, and even hemorrhaging. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, Stachybotrys may be present.

Don’t try to remove it yourself
If you aren’t a professional mold removal expert, your attempts at removal can further spread spores of black mold. When you disturb black mold it releases spores which can result in worsening symptoms. If black mold is a problem, hiring a Manhattan mold removal professional is a wise solution.

Mold can be an indoor or outdoor problem
A colony of black mold spores can inhabit soil, attach to plant life, and adhere to many various building materials. Places with high cellulose and low nitrogen counts are favorite hangouts for black mold.

See if black mold passes the test
Trust a Manhattan mold removal expert to test your space for mycotoxins. If the test shows positive, we are certain our experts will remove it!

Toxic mold takes eight to twelve day to colonize

Contact Stern Mold as soon as possible to get an inspection. We’ll put a stop to uninvited guests who thrive on your property!

What Type of Air Purifiers Remove Mold Spores from the Air?

Mold May Be Hiding in Unlikely Places

Mold May Be Hiding in Unlikely Places

Check Your Tool Belt

Mold spores are an invasive, clinging fungus that won’t leave without a little persuasion. They cause serious health issues for people sensitive to mold. Do you have the right tools to stop mold from spreading? The right quality air purifiers may be able to help stall mold spore transfer until a trusted expert NYC mold removal team remedies your mold problem.

What to Look For

Remember, air purifiers do not eliminate the source of mold, but they can stop the spread of airborne spores. It’s important to receive a mold inspection by your NYC mold removal professionals to keep toxic mold from seizing your home. In the meantime, here are some of the characteristics to look for when deciding on an effective air purifier.

It Has One or More of These:

– HEPA Filter

Long-term Guarantee or Warranty

– UV Light (UV Light helps to get rid of bacteria and viruses)

– Increased amounts of carbon

– Silver-Ion threads to prevent microbe growth

Air purifiers play a vital role in improving your health when mold spores are present in your home or residence. HEPA filters take in airborne mold spores. With nothing to feed on, the airborne spores will die. A high-quality air purifier keeps it dry inside stopping mold from reproducing and spreading throughout the infected area. If your home is prone to high humidity levels an antimicrobial treated filter adds another layer of protection to prevent mold from spreading to the filter.

Stern Mold Purifies

Contact our NYC mold removal team at Stern Mold today. You deserve a mold-free home! We’ll do our best to keep your air pure by eliminating the source.

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What’s the norm for mold remediation training? How can you know if the Manhattan mold removal team you choose to prevent mold from hanging out on your property is certifiably expert in their field? The NORMI organization keeps mold remediators and inspectors above board and accountable to ensure your peace of mind. If you hire the best mold specialists in the business, they should have vast mold knowledge and meet certification standards.

Trained to Test

Knowing the various hiding places and habits of the mold infesting homes everywhere allows a mold inspector or remediation expert to do their job effectively. Stern’s Manhattan mold removal experts understand the inner workings of many types of mold and how to address their unique formations. They understand the dangers and the importance of applying thorough mold removal methods to eradicate mold on your property.

NORMI training and certifications help mold removal trainees to establish good workplace safety habits. Here are some of the questions NORMI training exams might require certified mold remediators to answer correctly:

– What’s the difference between Sanitization and Remediation?

– How can you provide cost-effective remediation solutions?

– What part does the “renovation process” play in ensuring mold removal is complete?

– Why is following proper mold containment procedures so vital?

The Sternest Approach

Our Manhattan mold removal team at Stern Mold has the training and expertise to address any mold concerns you may have. We address your concerns with tried and tested methodology to stop mold from infecting your home or business. Trusted and well-trained mold experts can help your property become a safe-haven and not a safety hazard. Contact Stern Mold today and discover your mold solution!

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

Flooding and Mold, What to Know?

In the aftermath of traumatizing natural disasters, flooding often occurs, which causes irreparable harm to lives and property. Hidden behind water-damaged walls lurks an even larger threat, the threat of mold. Keep yourself and your property safe from undergoing more damage by enlisting the help of mold experts.

When flooding occurs, skilled NYC mold removal teams are ready and willing to jump in and help you reclaim some peace of mind.

We Never Rest

Homes or businesses that have been invaded by flooding need help and fast because flooding can accelerate the process of mold growth. Stern Mold understands how quickly mold can invade what’s left of your investment. Mold spreads quickly, so save your lungs and your loved ones from health issues later on.

Our NYC mold removal team helps reduce the health-damaging effects of mold exposure. We know which tools are necessary to eradicate mold from your property.

Why Get Help Now?

There are specific groups of people who are more vulnerable to mold growth. If possible, make certain that these people steer clear of water-damaged areas when clean up is occurring:

– Young Children

– Older Individuals

– Chemo Patients

– Pregnant Women

– Those with Pre-existing Respiratory Issues

– Ill Children or Adults

– Allergy/Asthmas Sufferers

Protect Health & Property

Our NYC mold removal experts at Stern Mold want to provide you with the comfort you need after a flooding disaster occurs. Costly property losses are difficult enough without the possible threat of recurring health problems triggered by harmful mold. We help stop these unseen threats from wreaking havoc so you can deal with other flood-related problems. Contact us today for a free mold quote!

Yes, You Can Get Sick from Exposure to Mold in Your Co-Op

You Can Get Sick from Mold Exposure

You Can Get Sick from Mold Exposure

Mold is everywhere. It is a low-lying threat to residential dwellers and business owners and their employees. Have you noticed a trend in your workplace? Are dedicated employees reluctantly calling in sick? Your Co-Op could be undergoing a silent attack.

Mold grows and thrives in moist areas. Our NJ climate is rich with moisture and frequent high humidity levels. If you’ve noticed co-workers or yourself struggling with irregular symptoms, perpetual colds or other debilitating illnesses, mold exposure may have already occurred. Our NJ mold remediation team can help your Co-op crew run smoothly again.

Tips to Get Back in Tip Top Co-Op Shape

Besides scheduling a free inspection with our local NJ mold remediation experts, you can take a proactive stance to improve the workplace environment. Here are some simple adjustments you can make to prevent mold from affecting the day-to-day:

– Invest in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers suck out the moisture and help prevent more mold growth in the future.

– Take the heat for the heating bill. A warm office during cold weather is less likely to allow moisture to form on inside surfaces.

– Insulate against the cold. Adding insulation reduces condensation which is a favorite breeding place for mold spores.

– Keep the air circulation flowing. Stagnant air is great for mold but horrible for mold-sensitive or asthmatic employees. Simply open doors between rooms to keep the flow of air from lingering in one place for too long.

– Check and repair leaks. Leaks can be costly to fix, but the health concerns that can arise from mold exposure can be much more costly long-term.

Contact Stern Mold today! We work hard so you can keep working!

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