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How Can You Get Rid of Mold in Your Apartment or Co-Op?

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

There are thousands of different types of mold and close to 1,000 varying types of spores can be found indoors! Does your apartment or Co-Op have a mold problem? What can you do to address it?  If you’re seeking problem-solving answers, Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal professionals are ready to help!

First Line of Defense

Bleach is a temporary fix for a mold problem. However, the damage caused by mold could be much more extensive than you suspect. If you do apply bleach to an area that has been contaminated by mold spores, make sure you follow these important instructions:

– Use bleach sparingly. Only one cup of bleach solution to every gallon of water should be used.

– Make sure you do not mix bleach with ammonia. Toxic fumes are created when ammonia and bleach are combined.

– When cleaning mold-infected spaces, make sure doors and windows are open. Proper ventilation is key.

– Always protect your hands and face when touching chemicals or mold-infected materials.

– Check the size of space affected by mold spores. If the space contaminated by mold exceeds 10 square feet, you need to get some extra mold removal help.

Clean With an NYC Mold Removal Team

Rid your apartment or co-op of invasive mold spores with the cleaning expertise of the best in mold professionals. Stern’s NYC mold removal team inspects commercial and residential spaces for you. They quite literally “clean house!” You don’t have to deal with mold spores on your own.

Our NYC mold removal company has trained mold experts at the ready to do a full clean-up of your property. Contact us and get a mold inspection now!

Mold is a Fungi – What to Know About Mold and Your Health

Medical Review of Mold Health Problems

Medical Review of Mold Health Problems

If you’ve found that fungi have taken all the fun out of your day-to-day, it’s time to find a solution. Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal team will stage a mold intervention at your property so you can reclaim some normalcy again.

Mold aka invasive fungi eat away at peace of mind, property structure and maybe most importantly, your overall health. As a result of a fungi invasion, you may undergo troubling symptoms that have life-altering effects.

The Health Hazards of Mold Growth

Do you live in New York City, where humidity and mold often co-exist? Mold spores love damp indoor areas. That’s why it is vitally important to have your property evaluated for mold by a trusted NYC mold removal company. Here are some of the symptoms you are more likely to experience if unwanted fungi have invaded your space:

Upper Respiratory Symptoms:

– Runny nose

– Itchy throat

Lower Respiratory Symptoms:

– Coughing

– Wheezing

– Asthma

– Chest tightness

– Shortness of breath

The connection between respiratory illness related to damp spaces and the presence of mold continue to strengthen as more studies are conducted to document mold effects. Due to the presence of mold in water-damaged businesses, and mold in residences, mold studies linked exposure to a new onset of asthmatic symptoms in employees and young children.

Consequently, there were also cases of hay fever and other varying allergic reactions that seemed directly or indirectly triggered by mold growth.

The NYC Mold Removal Safeguard

Our Stern Mold Removal experts strive to keep mold away from what you treasure most. Everyone should have the opportunity to live healthy, mold-free lives. Contact us today to discover what mold-free means for you!

A Doctor’s Perspective on Mold from the National Institute of Health and the American Society of Microbiology

Medical Review of Mold

Medical Review of Mold

Nobody wants to breathe, consume, or otherwise be exposed to mold. When mold has contaminated the home or workplace, people are more likely to become ill from respiratory disease. Scientists agree that mold causes many of the health problems that our NYC mold removal clients report, such as wheezing, coughing, sinus infections, asthma attacks, or worse.

The Science of Toxic Mold & Health Problems

Since the 1700s, doctors have noted a link between mold and illness. In 1989, a large study looked at thousands of sick children and found mold exposure to be a common thread. More recently, scientists have proved the link between certain mold species and diseases, including Aspergillosis.

According to an NIH report on toxic mold, there’s some confusion about whether mold causes very serious illnesses for two reasons: a lack of formal studies and the fact that the humidity that fuels mold growth also exacerbates other problems.

More research should be conducted on the link between mold and infectious diseases. In the meantime, the best action is mold remediation.

NYC Mold Removal to Put Concerns to Rest

You might be suffering from chronic breathing problems—or perhaps you’re a landlord fearful of a mold lawsuit. Stern Mold performs NYC mold removal to alleviate the many concerns.

The bottom line is that when mold is present, people get sick. Courtrooms can decide the fate of a lawsuit, but then it’s too late. You can prevent respiratory problems and get a clean slate with NYC mold removal that kills spores, cleans surfaces, and stops the mold from coming back!

Afraid that mold is causing health problems? Get a free inspection for NYC mold removal services.

Mold and Bleeding in Your Lungs (Pulmonary Hemorrhage)

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Mold May Effect Your Lungs

Among the more frightening possibilities for mold-related health problems, some people report coughing up blood. This is called a pulmonary hemorrhage or hemosiderosis. Scientists are not sure exactly why mold can cause bleeding lungs, but the reports continue to pop up.

Has someone begun experiencing a worsening cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms of respiratory problems? Don’t attempt to clean mold yourself. Contact a Manhattan mold removal service.

A Doctor’s Own Experience with Mold

A Michigan doctor who found herself coughing up blood, among other symptoms, began pressing for answers after learning her building had moisture and mold problems. Her story:

– For years, water intrusion had been creating the conditions for mold growth

– Interior drywall had become heavily contaminated

– The patient experienced cycles of symptoms—feeling better or worse, occasionally seeing blood in her mucus

– Doctors believed she would die during one of her many hospital visits

– A flushing of the lungs relieved her symptoms and mold cultures were collected

Manhattan Mold Removal to Prevent Health Problems

Instead of using safe mold remediation, like our Manhattan mold removal provides, that patient’s landlord had at one point ripped out drywall by hand. This likely spread spores throughout the building.

Mold removal does not have to require encapsulating the entire building. However, a professional service will block off HVAC ducts, isolate rooms with mold, and kill the mold. Stern Mold goes a step further with polymer sealing so any remaining spores can never bloom again.

Contact Stern Mold for Manhattan mold removal if anyone in your building suffers from bleeding lungs, severe cough, or other signs of mold illnesses.

Can Mold Exposure Cause Lung Cancer?

Can Mold Exposure Cause Lung Cancer?

Can Mold Exposure Cause Lung Cancer?

Mold exposure is linked to a wide range of respiratory ailments, but can it cause lung cancer? Our Manhattan mold removal experts share information from the medical community about health risks associated with mold infestations.

Mold and Lung Cancer

Fortunately, there’s no evidence to show a direct cause-and-effect relationship between mold and lung cancer. Extended mold exposure can result in pulmonary fibrosis (PF), a disease in which lung tissue becomes thick with scars and leads to shortness of breath.

Long-term PF can increase the possibility of developing lung cancer. In most cases the cause of PF is undetermined, and mold is not one of the leading factors.

Health Risks of Mold

Allergic symptoms are the most common danger from mold exposure. Depending on their level of sensitivity, people can experience upper respiratory problems ranging from itchy, watery eyes to coughing and sneezing.

More seriously, mold can trigger attacks in asthma sufferers or cause chronic sinusitis. People with existing lung conditions or compromised immune systems may develop pneumonia or a fungal-based infection known as aspergillosis.

How Does Mold Cause Illness?

Mold illnesses arise when airborne spores enter the body, causing various levels of irritation and inflammation. Stachybotrys and Aspergillus are two species of toxin-producing molds that provide more reason for concern.

While not all mold is dangerous, don’t take chances. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that any signs of infestation should be removed.

Stern Mold: The #1 Choice for Manhattan Mold Removal

Pamela Stern, a trained and experienced member of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), leads our team of Manhattan mold removal technicians. Contact us for more information.

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