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EPA Offers Tips on Mold Cleanup After a Flooding Incident

What Can You Do About Mold? Find Out

What Can You Do About Mold? Find Out

Mold and water damage go hand-in-hand because mold spores are just waiting for moisture to activate them. Flooding and plumbing leaks make it extremely difficult to dry out the area enough to stop the growth.

If you are considering NYC mold removal options, start with these EPA tips for mold cleanup and contact Stern Mold if you determine you need a professional mold cleanup service.

NYC Mold Removal for Businesses & Commercial Properties

The EPA has found that mold health problems pose a serious risk to workers after a flood has caused mold and water damage. Highlights from their guidance:

– Eliminating moisture is most important

– Any workers near mold damage should use N95 or stronger respirator masks, goggles, boots, and gloves

– Mold damage covering over 30 square feet should be secured with plastic sheeting during cleanup

– Use fans, dehumidifiers, and open windows for exhaust and drying

Home and Apartment Mold Cleanup

Children, seniors, and anyone with a weakened immune system face heightened risks of mold illnesses.

Paint or caulk will not stop mold. Laundry and HVAC appliances also have hiding places for mold spores to continue growing.

Landlords and homeowners should quickly bring in professional mold removal services for residential buildings affected by mold and water damage.

The Takeaway: Serious Water Damage Requires an NYC Mold Removal Service

If a mold problem spreads beyond one small surface, protect your family or employees by hiring NYC mold removal experts.

Stern Mold uses the proven and guaranteed MoldExterm system, which is faster and less expensive than traditional mold remediation. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate if you’ve experienced mold and water damage in the NYC area.

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World Health Organization Provides Guidelines on Interior Mold Problems

It's Time to Get Stern with Your Mold!

It’s Time to Get Stern with Your Mold!

Whether you’re a homeowner, or you’re looking to buy a home, you already know that mold is a big problem. As soon as it starts, it can spread, and quickly become out of control. This can lead to serious health issues for you and your entire family. The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided guidelines that should be followed regarding interior mold. If you’re in need of NYC mold removal, we’re here to help.

Where Does Mold Come From?

Mold can grow anywhere there’s moisture. This is why you often find it in the bathroom or in your basement. It’s caused by fungi and bacteria, and dust and dirt in the air and on surfaces is more than enough to feed it. Sometimes even the most cautious homeowners can’t help but have a mold problem. It can be prevented, but once it’s there, it’s important to treat it quickly.

The Biggest Problem With Mold

Mold is unsightly, but the problem stretches far beyond the way it looks. According to the WHO, there is substantial evidence to support the fact that mold leads to serious illnesses. It can compromise the entire immune system, causing asthma or other breathing conditions. Those that are already compromised may only be made worse in the presence of mold. Allergies are exaggerated and instances of pneumonia are very common in these environments.

Preventing and Treating a Mold Problem

Every step should be taken to prevent mold from starting. This is important for business owners, homeowners and landlords. If a problem does begin, talk to a NYC mold removal expert. Here at Stern Mold, we’re here to help! Contact us today.

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This is what NJ Real Estate Agents Need to Know About Mold Problems

Make Sure You Are Up to Speed on Mold in Real Estate Sales

Make Sure You Are Up-to-Speed on Mold in Real Estate Sales

Mold is a legitimate concern for anyone buying or selling a home. New Jersey real estate agents can empower their clients by educating them on the facts about mold and their best options for NJ mold removal.

Mold only grows where it has moisture, a food source, and the ideal temperature. Unfortunately, all three of these can be found in many homes across the United States. The presence of mold does not mean the house needs to be destroyed. The following are some facts real estate agents should know about mold.

No regulatory standards for mold

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exposure to mold spores affects individuals differently. Indoor mold exposure is linked to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy people. The elderly, children, and people with a compromised immune system are most at risk.

New Jersey and other states do not currently have established standards for acceptable levels of mold inside a home. Most NJ mold removal companies recommend treatment if the level of spores inside is higher than those found outside.

Mold issues can be quickly remedied

The labor-intensive and costly old methods of ripping out all walls and materials affected by mold are no longer necessary. The MoldExterm treatment method is more effective, faster, less costly, and does not make a mess.

Not all mold remediation companies are equal

Be sure you and your clients use a company certified by the National Association of Mold Remediators and Mold Inspectors. Contact Stern Mold for a free inspection and we will beat your current written mold remediation quote/bid from an experienced and qualified mold remediation service firm by 20 percent.

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After Mold Treatment, Is It Safe to Live in Your NJ House?

After Mold Treatment Is It Safe to Live in Your Home?

After Mold Treatment Is It Safe to Live in Your Home?

Mold inside a home can be a very serious problem that puts the health and well-being of all building occupants at risk. The largest study done on water damage in U.S. homes was conducted by John Spengler, Akira Yamaguchi Professor of Environmental Health and Human Habitation at Harvard. The Spengler study found that approximately 50% of U.S. homes and 85% of commercial buildings have water damage that is conducive to mold growth.

Mold just needs some food source like wood or paper, moisture, and the right temperature to thrive. Odds are high that your New Jersey home currently has mold or had mold at some time in the past. Choosing the best NJ mold treatment option is an important decision.

Is a home safe after mold treatment?

There are no established standards by any regulatory agency for how many mold spores can be inside a home. States like New Jersey have few regulations for mold remediation companies, so be sure to choose a NJ mold removal company certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors. Reputable mold remediation companies should also provide you with a comprehensive mold-free guarantee.

The best mold treatment method

Traditional NJ mold removal methods are labor-intensive processes that involve the removal of walls and other materials that had mold growth. This creates a lot of dust, take days or weeks to complete, costs a lot of money, and occupants need to live elsewhere while the work is underway. The MoldExterm method is quicker, less costly, and more effective. We can beat your current mold remediation quote by 20 percent. Contact us to learn more and for details on our guarantee.

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Can Mold Come Back After Remediation on Your NYC Property?

Can Mold Come Back After Treatment?

Can Mold Come Back After Treatment?

Before you bring in professional mold remediators, you might be wondering what to expect regarding how long NYC mold removal will last. The inspection and remediation seem like an expensive and invasive process, so obviously you would like to keep the mold away for many years to come. Ideally, forever!

The good news is that modern technology makes the mold removal process simpler, cheaper, and more effective. Without ripping out drywall or wood, Stern Mold can make your building mold-free, guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Nobody can honestly guarantee that mold will never come back. Unless you seal up the building and never enter it again, mold can potentially return for several reasons:

– Mold problems start with spores, which exist virtually everywhere on the planet.

Mold spores can grow into an infestation anytime they have water, oxygen, and food.

– Permanent mold removal must include dealing with the underlying causes (leaks, dripping water, outdoor moisture getting inside) in addition to thorough cleaning.

How Can Stern Mold Guarantee NYC Mold Removal?

Traditional mold remediation does not necessarily prevent mold from growing back. Stern Mold does not rely on old-fashioned mold remediation!

We use a two-part MoldExterm system of antimicrobial cleaning and a polymer-based sealant. The sealant encapsulates any remaining spores and makes it virtually impossible for mold to grow there ever again.

In addition to our MoldExterm sealant, we can install dehumidifiers to prevent new or recurring issues. This complete solution lets you breathe easier and enjoy peace of mind that your mold problems are in the past!

For a free inspection and details about our guaranteed NYC mold removal, contact Stern Mold today.

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