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The Black Menace: What To Know About Black Mold In Buildings

The Black Menace: What To Know About Black Mold In Buildings

The Black Menace: What To Know About Black Mold In Buildings

Preventing a problem is preferable to solving one. Can architects and builders take a proactive approach to NYC mold removal through careful planning? Here’s a look at how mold affects buildings and ways to prevent it.

Health Dangers of Mold

Mold spores are constantly floating in the air. When a spore lands on a surface with a sufficient source of moisture, it begins reproducing and spreading. Once mold gets to a point where the infestation is clearly visible, it’s difficult to remove.

Stachybotrys chartarum, often referred to as black mold, emits mycotoxins that pose a serious health risk. Alternia and other common indoor molds are not considered toxic, but extended exposure can cause allergic reactions and respiratory ailments, especially with children and people with preexisting conditions.

Limiting Moisture: The Key to Mold Prevention

Since moisture is the crucial element for mold development, roofs and walls should be designed to be as waterproof as possible. Buildings should also have plentiful sources of sunshine and natural ventilation to help control humidity levels.

Prevention requires ongoing vigilance. Inspect homes frequently for cracks, leaks, holes and other signs of damage that could result in excess moisture. If mold reaches the advanced stage of infestation, it’s best to seek professional NYC mold removal.

Don’t Let Mold Get You Down!

Mold is no match for our non-intrusive, eco-friendly MoldExterm program. Infestations are removed usually within one day with minimum disruption to you and your family. Contact Stern Mold for a free inspection from our experienced technicians.

Guess What? Black Mold is Not Always Black!

Information on Black Mold

Information on Black Mold

It might be hard to believe, but it’s true. Black mold isn’t always black. That means it could be lurking in your home right now, completely unidentified, making you and your family sick. It’s important to get the facts about it, and your Manhattan mold removal experts are here to help.

What Kind of Mold is in Your Home?

People often see black-colored mold and assume that it’s toxic when it might not be. There are more than 100,000 mold species, and they come in just about every shape, size and color you can think of. It can be nearly impossible for a layperson to identify whether a certain species is dangerous or not. Doing so requires the help of a professional.

Should You Have Your Home Tested for Black Mold? 

It may surprise you to learn that the CDC recommends not testing for black mold simply because the results may not be accurate. Not only that, but testing isn’t really necessary because the mold will need to be removed regardless of the results. If anything, testing will only slow down the removal process while you wait for results.

When Should You Call For Manhattan Mold Removal?

The best time to call a professional for Manhattan mold removal is when you first spot mold in your home. It might be a minor problem, or it might be a major one. Either way, it doesn’t take long to spread, so taking care of it quickly is important.

At Stern Mold, we offer free inspections. Contact us!

Medical Effects of Black Mold Exposure

Mold May Affect Your Lungs

Mold May Affect Your Lungs

Your Manhattan mold removal experts know all about the risks and medical effects of black mold. It is extremely dangerous, and is much more prevalent than people think. If you have a problem with black mold in your home, it’s important to know the effects it can have on your body.

Why is Black Mold Dangerous?

People have long believed that black mold can lead to cancer or other lung diseases. But the most recent research has determined that’s not true at all. Black mold is actually a term that people use to describe various types of mold that appear black in color. But black mold is the worst of the several dark varieties.

Black mold can be toxic to those who are highly sensitive to mold spores. Mycotoxicosis – or mold poisoning – is also a concern. Other health problems people can experience include:

• Major mood swings

• Painful headaches

*Loss of memory

• Nosebleeds

• Aches and pains in the body

Black Mold, Allergies and Breathing Problems

People often have allergic reactions to black mold, which can lead to serious breathing problems and a range of other symptoms, such as:

• Wheezing

• Skin rashes

• Sinusitis

• A runny or stuffed nose

• Sore throat

• Watery or red eyes

Contact Us for Manhattan Mold Removal

Black mold is a cause for concern, and you’re right to want to get rid of it immediately. Your Manhattan mold removal specialists at Stern Mold are here to help you, and our methods are proven to be effective. Contact us today.

Yes, Long Term Mold Exposure Can Damage Your Health and Possibly Kill You

Yes, Long Term Mold Exposure Can Damage Your Health and Possibly Kill You

Yes, Long Term Mold Exposure Can Damage Your Health and Possibly Kill You

Whoever said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” was certainly not talking about mold exposure. Mold spores and their mycotoxins weaken the body’s immune system, disrupt brain function, and have been linked to cancer and other fatal illnesses.

Long-term exposure to toxic mold can be prevented by our NYC mold removal company. Get help at the first sign of mold or mold-related symptom before the toxins take their grip on people in your building.

Health Problems from Mold Exposure

The truth about black mold is that health issues can range from invisible to deadly. Each person responds differently, and one strain of mold causes different problems than another.

Mold health problems can include:

• Fatigue or lethargy

• Itchy eyes

• Sneezing or runny nose

• Nausea

• Confusion or mental health issues

• Lung hemorrhage

• Immunosuppression

• And possibly cancer

Mold Gets Worse Over Time

Cleaning and preventing mold stops the worst of its ill effects from taking hold. If you clean up but don’t remove the moisture sources feeding the mold, the problem will come back again.

Mold grows in unnaturally high concentrations indoors, especially when there’s stagnant humidity or water leaks and a lack of proper ventilation.

Know the warning signs of mold and contact our NYC mold removal service if you see or smell a problem.

Start with a free estimate for mold treatment to stop mold in its tracks. Stern Mold guarantees mold removal for up to five years and our patented NYC mold removal process does not require tearing out walls!

Is Black Mold Common? How About Other Types of Mold?

Black Mold Can be Life Threatening.

Black Mold Can be Life Threatening.

Why do you need the services of a Manhattan mold removal team? It’s a valid question. Millions of individuals are unknowingly affected by the presence of mold in their homes. As a result, those same people develop troubling health symptoms.

Black mold is not a rarity. It may not be as common as other types of molds, but it can wreak havoc on your health.

Why You Need Manhattan Mold Removal

Mold spores exist everywhere. They threaten your health when they find vulnerable materials to feed off of. No matter what type of mold spores have taken up residence in your home or on your property, prudent action is needed. What can you do to address the problem?

Manhattan’s high levels of humidity increase the likelihood of mold spores infesting the home. Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal team of experts can identify, diagnose and remediate different types of mold that may be invading your space.

Identifying Mold Invitations

There are four indoor molds that frequent the inside of homes across America. These are Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and Penicillium. They love to linger in homes with:

– Poor ventilation

– High humidity levels

– Damp bathrooms

– Wet carpet

– No exhaust fans

– Flooded basements

– Leaking pipes

If your home includes any of the above red flags, then it’s time for a mold inspection from a trusted Manhattan mold removal company. You can keep mold out of your home and away from your lungs with our expert help. Stern Mold experts get to the root of the problem. With our expertise, you can finally get the solutions you need to address any mold issues that have plagued your health.

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