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Mold Exposure: How Much is Too Much?

Mold Exposure: How Much is Too Much?

Mold Exposure: How Much is Too Much?

Mold can be found everywhere, just like bacteria and other microorganisms. The problem with mold exposure is when there are certain species present, the quantity gets out of control, or spores get agitated and enter the air we breathe. Our Manhattan mold removal team has found entire walls and ceilings infested with mold inside and out.

The CDC warns that mold and dampness go hand-in-hand. Control humidity and repair leaks immediately for the best chances of stopping mold exposure in your building.

How Does Mold Affect Health?

Breathing in mold is a lot like getting stung by a bee. Nobody enjoys it, some people are very bothered by it, and a few people are allergic.

Mold has been conclusively linked to health problems including:

– Upper respiratory problems

– Coughing, wheezing, and sneezing

– Constant or recurring colds

– Pneumonitis

– Asthma aggravation

– Development of asthma

Additionally, research suggests that mold can cause memory loss, lung hemorrhages, and other serious illnesses.

Mold in Damp Homes and Buildings

The health problems from mold exposure have also been connected to damp indoor environments. That’s no surprise because mold needs moisture to grow and spread.

For the best results, use Manhattan mold removal services that take a multi-pronged approach. Remember, mold spores are everywhere. You need to seal surfaces and fix leaks and moisture sources or else the problem could come back.

Stern Mold uses a polymer sealant so spores cannot regrow months or even years after we leave. We also use dehumidifiers and ventilation systems. Our mold removal experts can provide further advice for preventing mold exposure in the future.

For a free quote for Manhattan mold removal, call 888-887-8376.

Is Mildew Toxic and Dangerous Like Mold?

Is Mildew Toxic and Dangerous Like Mold?

Is Mildew Toxic and Dangerous Like Mold?

Mildew and mold are both types of fungus. Of course, so are the mushrooms we eat. How can you tell if a mildewy spot needs to be dealt with like toxic mold? When in doubt, call your NYC mold removal company.

To cut to the chase, no – mildew does not cause the same health problems as toxic mold. Asthma problems, running noses, perpetual cold symptoms, or even bleeding lungs can be caused by mold. Mold is especially harmful to the young and the elderly, as well as to immune-compromised people.

Mildew looks powdery and ranges in color from white to gray to brown. Toxic mold will typically be larger and fuzzier, and either red, green, or black.

Mildew or Mold? You Might Have Both

Mildew found on tile or painted surfaces can be removed easily with an appropriate spray cleaner. However, if conditions are right for mildew to grow, your building might be at risk of mold contamination, too.

Humidity determines mold growth to a large extent. All mold needs to survive:

– Moisture

– Moderate temperature

– Oxygen

– Food (paper, wood, drywall, etc.)

Damp bathrooms, dank basements, dripping plumbing under the sink or in the walls – these are all situations that promote both mildew and mold growth.

Suspect Mold? There’s an Easy Solution

Whether or not you have toxic mold, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Our NYC mold removal service is faster, cheaper, and longer lasting than traditional remediation. We kill the spores, clean the area, and seal the surfaces so that we can offer up to a 5-year guarantee.

Call Stern Mold at 888-887-8376 for a free inspection and quote for NYC mold removal.

How Does Mold Get Inside and Cause Health Problems for Occupants

How Does Mold Get Inside and Cause Health Problems for Occupants

How Does Mold Get Inside and Cause Health Problems for Occupants

Have you ever attempted to rationalize how unwanted guests keeping managing to show up on your doorstep? Manhattan mold removal experts know some key reasons how and why mold spores invite themselves into your property. What keeps them coming back for more? Is it the company? What makes your business or residence such an irresistible environment?

Discovering Their Ideal Space

Mold spores always seem to find their way inside. These airborne, easily-attaching bacteria travel through heating and ventilation systems, windows, air conditioning units and more simply through open doorways. Excessive moisture gives mold spores an open invitation to colonize in your space.

Leaky roofs, pipes, or any other areas that have the potential for overflow or flooding can saturate materials that these harmful spores love.

Read the “Mold Spores Ultimate Hitchhiking Guide”

For the many health-damaging mold spores like those found in the harmful Stachybotrys chartarum category, aka greenish-black mold, flooding is a definite friend. They can cling to fiberboard, paper, even lint, and reproduce to their heart’s content. For a veritable buffet, different types of mold will hop on clothing, animal fur, bags, and even shoes to find their way to free food and moisture-soaked areas ideal for settling down.

We Cancel The Invitation

Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal experts look for any invitations that you may unintentionally be sending to mold spores. They find the source of your mold-related health issues and use trusted methods to remove mold from your home. Don’t let your home become a permanent hot spot for harmful mold spores. They don’t recognize facial clues and only respond to quality solutions. Click here and start eliminating your mold today!

What Age Populations Are Impacted by Mold and Mold Spores?

What Age Populations Are Impacted by Mold and Mold Spores?

What Age Populations Are Impacted by Mold and Mold Spores?

The population of New York City is quickly approaching the 9 million mark. If you live in NYC, it’s highly likely that you and at least a portion of your city’s large population will require the assistance of a NYC mold removal team in their lifetime.

New York’s climate often produces excessive moisture and humidity that burrows into building materials, plant life, and lingers on any vulnerabilities in offices or residential homes in your neighborhood. Humans and materials suffer harm when exposed to mold spores. The question arises, what types of people and materials are most vulnerable to the silent threats that mold spores present?

Protect and Preserve

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal team employ positive, problem-solving tactics that protect and provide peace of mind. The insidious nature of mold can affect any age group, but mold spores can play favorites. Here are a few age groups that are more susceptible to mold exposure:

– Infants

– Young children

– Seniors

– Cancer patients/survivors

– Lung disease sufferers

– Any immune system compromised individual

If there are individuals in your household or business that could be threatened by the presence of mold, it’s time to put a stop to it. So, how do you safeguard the people in your life and the valuables you have from encroaching mold? Below is a brief list of what could potentially harbor mold colonies:

– Appliances

– Carpets

– Ceilings

– Flooring

– Furniture

Our Stern Mold teams inspect vulnerable areas like basements, bathrooms, crawl areas, kitchens, and laundry spaces, and can change lives for the better. Our NYC mold removal experts will seek out any signs of mold spore infestation and address them. Schedule an appointment today!

How do You Know if You Have Breathed In Mold Into Your Lungs?

How do You Know if You Have Breathed In Mold Into Your Lungs?

How do You Know if You Have Breathed In Mold Into Your Lungs?

Are you struggling to catch a breath? Life can seem like a hectic mess sometimes, and that much-needed moment of downtime can be elusive. But what if you really couldn’t breathe? It’s past time Manhattan mold removal experts came to the rescue and helped you catch a breath and some peace-filled rest. Your lungs need a recovery period!

Discovery to Recovery

How do you recognize the signs that mold spores have hitch-hiked down your respiratory system and contaminated your lungs? The small organisms of fungus that make up mold spores love to take trips into your personal space. Let’s check the questions below to see if you’ve been experiencing any of these possible mold-related health symptoms (How many “yes” answers will you give?):

– Do you find yourself struggling with shortness of breath while you are in your home or business?

– Are you experiencing a seemingly perpetual cold?

– Have you battled a runny nose or other sinus issues on a constant basis?

– How does your skin respond to your environment? Do peculiar rash marks appear on your skin?

– What have mold spores done to your vision? Are your eyes continually feeling irritated, red and watery?

Allergy-stricken or asthmatic people are highly susceptible to mold exposure. Elderly and infants also have immune systems that may not perform well against the onslaught of mold spores.

Stern Get’s the Upper Hand

Remediation experts from Stern’s Manhattan mold removal team implement processes that are time-tested and technologically sound. Don’t suffer any longer. Hire up! If you’ve felt your lungs suffering from the effects of mold exposure, try contacting Stern Mold today! Our company will help your lungs catch a break!

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