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The CDC: Mold Spores Can Cause Lung Infections

Mold Infestations Are Dangerous

Mold Infestations Are Dangerous

Deciding whether to call a NJ mold removal service to take care of those moldy spots? The health problems of mold may be bigger than you think. You don’t need to have asthma or allergies for mold to cause serious illness. The CDC warns that mold exposure can cause lung infections and diseases, even in generally healthy people.

Mold Spores and Lung Disorders

People with existing respiratory problems carry the highest risk when exposed to mold spores. Someone with a chronic lung disease such as COPD must be especially careful. Infants, adolescents, and the elderly may be at a higher risk, too.

However, it’s been known since 2004 that mold spores can cause lung infections in people without pre-existing conditions. Workers who are regularly exposed are commonly affected. Aspergillosis, mesothelioma, and farmer’s lung are examples of occupational lung diseases that develop from regular indoor mold exposure.

NJ Mold Removal to Prevent Lung Infections

Landlords and business owners carry the responsibility for cleaning up mold. Prevention and proactive measures can help avoid tenant complaints, worker sick days, and even lawsuits.

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