What Doctors Treat Mold Related Illnesses?

What Doctor Treats Mold Related Illness?

What Doctor Treats Mold Related Illness/

The symptoms of mold-related illnesses often vary by individual. Mold exposure affects people differently and may cause several systems in a person’s body. While some people may exhibit multiple symptoms, others may show few or none. There are countless stories of doctors giving patients one diagnosis after another because they do not know how to identify mold-related illnesses.

Be informed about mold and your health. When you or a loved one is seriously ill, you do not want to rely on someone’s best guess. You need the most accurate diagnosis possible that is based on the latest information and testing.

Mold-related illnesses

Mycotoxins are the toxic byproducts of mold colonies. These toxins are the main cause of mold-related illnesses. Mold spores, whether toxic or non-toxic, can irritate eyes, sinuses, and worsen asthma for many people. Elderly individuals and others with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of illness due to mold exposure.

When foreign antigens enter and stay in the body of otherwise healthy individuals, their immune systems are constantly fighting back. This can lead to chronic illness, inflammation, allergies, and many other symptoms.

Finding a doctor knowledgeable about mold-related sickness

Technology that can accurately detect mycotoxins in a person has only recently been developed. There are a small number of labs that do mycotoxin testing. For a complete list of doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating mycotoxin-related illnesses, visit the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Elimination and prevention of mold are the best methods to avoid mold-related problems. Be proactive about mold and your health. Contact Stern Mold for a free consultation and mold treatment in Northern NJ and NYC.