The EPA Weighs In on the Importance of Treating for Mold in Inside Environments

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed!

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed!

Mold exposure often happens away from home, at school or work. When janitors face a mold problem that is too large to handle on their own, your organization needs an NYC mold removal service to wipe the slate clean.

The EPA recognizes mold as a potential public health hazard for several reasons. Those with asthma or mold allergies probably face the greatest risk, but some molds do have toxic effects that can sicken an otherwise healthy adult.

To better understand the importance of mold treatment and to decide if you should consult with NYC mold removal experts, we recommend the EPA mold remediation guide. Major takeaways include:

– Moisture control is paramount. Combine an NYC mold removal treatment that seals surfaces with proper ventilation and dehumidifiers for the best results.

– Mold doesn’t just grow on a surface. It slowly eats away at it. Remove mold quickly to prevent worsening property damage.

– There’s not just one type of “toxic mold.” Any mold might cause or worsen mold illnesses such as asthma or lung disease.

– Keep HVAC systems and appliances in clean, working order to prevent indoor moisture.

The Difficulty with Cleaning Mold in Commercial Buildings

Indoor mold problems can be tricky to clean because of persistent moisture, even in drywall. In NYC, many buildings struggle with roof leaks, basement humidity, and poorly vented appliances. Old construction techniques often sealed up walls and basements without adding a proper vapor barrier or ventilation system.

All these problems make it imperative to get NYC mold removal as soon as mold is found. Learn about our surprisingly affordable, scientifically advanced bio remedial mold treatment and contact us for a free inspection!