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What to Know About Mold Poisoning

Don't let mold cost your body more than it should.

Don’t let mold cost your body more than it should.

While not all molds are poisonous, its more dangerous spores exist all around us. Commonly called black mold or toxic mold, these fungi produce toxins in the air that enter our respiratory systems and cause mild to severe symptoms. Learn the facts about mold poisoning to understand why you should consider NYC mold removal to protect your home or building.

What Is Mold Poisoning?

Just like pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, mold is readily found indoors and outdoors. High concentrations of mycotoxins (toxins released by fungus) affect those with allergy, asthma, or compromised immune systems, as well as healthy people.

Mold symptoms include:

– Difficulty breathing (coughing, wheezing)

– Irritation (red eyes, itchy skin)

– Sinus issues (stuffy or runny nose)

– Recurring headaches

– Cold and fever symptoms

– Exhaustion

– Numbness in extremities

– Anxiety and memory loss

Mold Exposure Diagnosis & Treatment

The symptoms of mold poisoning look a lot like other illnesses, so you would need to get a blood test or skin prick test by a doctor to diagnose. Mold testing can also determine if your building has abnormally high levels of mold.

Treatments for symptoms range from over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants to prescription medications and allergy shots.

Regardless of what a doctor recommends for treatment, the matter will only resolve itself after you’ve had a full-scale NYC mold removal service. This involves cleaning the mold, killing the spores, preventing mold growth, and controlling humidity.

Mold inspections and remediation can be affordable, non-intrusive, and guaranteed to work. Stern Mold offers a free test and quote for NYC mold removal that is environmentally friendly and highly effective. Call 888-887-8376 to schedule an appointment.

How Can You Decrease Your Exposure to Mold?

Don't Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

Don’t Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

People are exposed to mold every day and quite often they don’t even realize it until it’s too late, and so it makes them sick. Fortunately, there are ways that they can decrease their exposure to it, keeping them and their family much safer and healthier.

As your Manhattan mold removal specialists, we want to share this information with you so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones as well.

Decreasing Your Mold Exposure

With some vigilance and preparation, it can be easy to decrease your exposure to mold. The following tips can help:

– Avoid areas that may have mold, such as compost piles, wooded areas and grass clippings.

– Control the humidity levels inside your home.

– Ventilate shower areas.

– Ventilate cooking areas.

– Prior to painting, add mold inhibitors to paint.

Sometimes mold can become a problem even when you’ve been careful trying to avoid it in your home. When it does, you can call upon Manhattan mold removal, or you can try to remove it yourself in some circumstances.

Removing Mold in Your Home

If you have mold growing on a hard surface in your home, you may be able to remove it with a few products from your local store. You can also use soap and water, or a mixture of one cup of bleach and one gallon of water.

If you decide to use bleach, the CDC gives the following recommendations:

– Always wear protective gear (goggles, rubber gloves and boots) to protect yourself.

– Clean the area first to ensure removal.

– Open windows and doors to ventilate the area.

Manhattan mold removal is no problem for us. Contact us for assistance!

What Are the Health Impacts of Exposure to Mold and Mold Spores?

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

After discovering mold inside a home or building, the occupants are left to wonder: has mold been causing my persistent cough? Are my children feeling fatigued and sniffly because of mold spores in the air? The bottom line is that mold should be dealt with immediately by your local Manhattan mold removal specialists to put an end to these worries.

Scientists are working hard to determine whether various diseases are in fact caused by mold. However, science has already spoken: the health effects of mold include infections, asthma, allergy problems, and more.

Health Problems Caused by Mold

Breathing in mold spores has long been linked to respiratory problems. Modern medicine has proven a direct cause between mold and:

– Allergy attacks

– Asthma attacks

– Development of asthma

– Persistent cough

– Skin irritation

– Sore throat

– Immune system problems

– Upper respiratory infections

Illnesses Caused by Mold and Dampness

In some cases, it’s impossible to tell whether mold or something else has caused an illness. That’s because the damp, dank environments where mold grows can also be home to harmful bacteria, dust mites, and other air quality problems.

The solution is to get Manhattan mold removal services for proper clean-up. Then add dehumidifiers, seal up ductwork, vent kitchen equipment to the outdoors, and keep bathrooms and basements as dry as possible.

Mold Cleaning Service in Manhattan

Stern Mold makes the process easier because our two-step Manhattan mold removal system kills the mold and also adds a polymer sealant that prevents mold spores from growing back or releasing into the air.

Lengthy hospital stays and expensive lawsuits have been caused by mold health problems. Fortunately, we can help.

Get a free inspection and estimate for Manhattan mold removal. Our MoldExterm system costs less and is less intrusive than older methods!

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Mold on Your Mind?

Did you know that mold can inhibit your brain function? Mold toxicity levels can produce mind-altering results, literally. Is mold exposure causing you to seemingly lose your train of thought? Do you struggle to focus easily or feel that anxious or tired is your new normal? It doesn’t have to be. It’s time to allow trusted Manhattan mold removal experts to expose the mold that could be negatively impacting your life.

Visit An Informed Physician

Your brain is a powerful instrument. When it is functioning properly, there is no limit to your potential. If you are living with toxic mold, you could already be suffering from serious symptoms caused by it. Toxic mold can impair your emotional and cognitive health.

Over time, prolonged exposure to mold can lead to serious health complications – even death. Do you have cause for concern? Check out these serious symptoms that high mold toxicity levels can cause:

– Asthma

– Brain Fog

– Brain Swelling

– Depression

– Insomnia

– Life-threatening Infection

– Loss of appetite

– Memory Loss

– Personality Change

– Trouble Concentrating

If you’ve had any of these symptoms, see a healthcare professional that knows how toxic mold impacts individuals. Make sure you undergo a full evaluation. A brain scan can also be helpful to pinpoint any brain swelling or to find any other probable causes.

We Treat the Source

Stern Mold’s Manhattan Mold Removal team remediates mold and gives you a fighting chance at a normal life. Toxic mold shouldn’t be in your future and it doesn’t have to be. Stern Mold can help you take another positive step towards a brighter future. Schedule an inspection with Stern today and breathe easier!

Suffering from Mold Exposure – Some Natural Lifestyle Tips for After Treatment

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Are you a New York local who is experiencing health complications due to mold exposure? Our NYC mold removal team is ready to help you take the first step towards a better, healthier life. At Stern Mold, we combine our knowledge and experience to ensure you enjoy life without mold.

All Natural After Mold Removal

Once a trusted NYC mold removal team clears your house of the cause of your health troubles, it’s best to be on guard. Thankfully there are natural preventative steps you can take to keep mold away. Here are a few tips you can work into your everyday life to prevent mold spores from taking a round trip to your home:

1. Batten down the hatches. During high mold spore counts, close windows and doors to keep mold spores from returning for a second round.

2. Scrub the deck (or access areas). Keep access points, where mold invades, clean. Vents, fans, and gutters need to be cleaned to reduce the chances of a moldy comeback!

3. Hoist the dehumidifier. Moist places in the home like basements, bathrooms and laundry areas are prone to mold spores. Use a dehumidifier to bring down excessive moisture and keep places dry and free from fungus.

4. Man the canons. Protect yourself by wearing masks when doing yard work or gardening. Mold likes to make its home on wet leaves and other moisture-laden flora.

By the Stern

Our NYC mold removal team remediates and reforms how you think of mold. Trust the experts and get the facts! Mold isn’t harmless, but it’s treatable. Steer here to Stern Mold today and set sail towards new mold-free horizons!

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