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Why Does Mold Love to Grow in Unheated Houses or Condos?

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Why does mold love to grow in unheated homes and condos? The NYC mold removal experts at Stern Environmental treat a lot of mold issues resulting from this scenario, and we’re here to explain why.

Temperature & Humidity Fluctuations

Although humidity levels are lower in chilly winter weather, certain conditions make your home a breeding ground for mold. One reason for this is the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. When a cold snap is followed by warmer, more humid weather, condensation forms when warm humid air contacts cold surfaces.


Moisture from the bath or kitchen, or that permeates the house from the crawlspace or through leaks around windows and doors, can build up in your home, leading to ideal mold-growth conditions.

Omnipresent Food

Mold can feed on any organic material, from leftover crumbs on the counter to clothing, upholstery, and even furniture. When mold spores, which are everywhere, land on these materials, they set up residence.

What Does that Have to Do with Not Having a Heating System?

Heating and cooling systems do two things to control mold in your home:

1. They increase circulation to prevent moisture from appearing on your walls. 

2. They reduce humidity levels in your home as part of their normal operation. 

Without the circulation and dehumidification provided by a home air conditioning system, it’s easy for mold to quickly get out of control.

Give mold the boot. Take back your home with the help of the NYC mold removal experts at Stern Mold today.

Tips for Stopping Winter Home Interior Mold Growth

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

Many plants and other organisms go dormant in the winter, but our Manhattan mold removal team doesn’t get any breaks. Keep mold from infesting your home during cold weather months with these helpful tips.

Tips for Preventing Interior Mold Growth During Winter

• When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces, it results in condensation, which creates moisture for mold spores to grow. Use fans and vents to keep air circulating throughout the home. A dehumidifier also reduces the amount of moisture in the air.

• Regularly inspect your home for leaks and broken pipes. Pay special attention to hidden areas under sinks and in the basement. Repair any damages immediately.

• Organic materials such as paper and fabric feed mold growth. Be careful to store these items in well-ventilated areas away from walls and windows.

• Carpeting is another common place for mold infestations. If possible, install laminate flooring around entryways to prevent tracking water indoors. Vacuum carpets frequently, keeping an eye out for signs of mold.

• Bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to mold. Keep surfaces clean to limit opportunities for mold to develop.

• If you do discover mold, removing it isn’t enough. You need to treat the conditions that allowed mold to develop in the first place, so it doesn’t return.

Year-Round Manhattan Mold Removal Services from Stern Mold

Our two-step MoldExterm program effectively removes mold and prevents future recurrences. Contact us to schedule a free inspection and consultation from our professionally trained Manhattan mold removal experts.

How Can You Get Rid of Mold in Your Apartment or Co-Op?

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

There are thousands of different types of mold and close to 1,000 varying types of spores can be found indoors! Does your apartment or Co-Op have a mold problem? What can you do to address it?  If you’re seeking problem-solving answers, Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal professionals are ready to help!

First Line of Defense

Bleach is a temporary fix for a mold problem. However, the damage caused by mold could be much more extensive than you suspect. If you do apply bleach to an area that has been contaminated by mold spores, make sure you follow these important instructions:

– Use bleach sparingly. Only one cup of bleach solution to every gallon of water should be used.

– Make sure you do not mix bleach with ammonia. Toxic fumes are created when ammonia and bleach are combined.

– When cleaning mold-infected spaces, make sure doors and windows are open. Proper ventilation is key.

– Always protect your hands and face when touching chemicals or mold-infected materials.

– Check the size of space affected by mold spores. If the space contaminated by mold exceeds 10 square feet, you need to get some extra mold removal help.

Clean With an NYC Mold Removal Team

Rid your apartment or co-op of invasive mold spores with the cleaning expertise of the best in mold professionals. Stern’s NYC mold removal team inspects commercial and residential spaces for you. They quite literally “clean house!” You don’t have to deal with mold spores on your own.

Our NYC mold removal company has trained mold experts at the ready to do a full clean-up of your property. Contact us and get a mold inspection now!

Interior Mold – A New Jersey Winter Problem

Get Help with Getting Rid of Mold During Winter Months

Get Help with Getting Rid of Mold During Winter Months

Are you preparing your home or property for winter in New Jersey? In the colder months, the threat of mold grows. Mold growth is still prevalent during Jersey winters because of moisture and humidity.

Do you want to keep the chill outside where it belongs? When your heating system crosses paths with cold roofs, condensation can form. Your local NYC mold removal team knows exactly what condensation can mean to your home. It starts with “M” and ends with trouble. Mold!

Do Your Mold Prep Work

When wintering your home for the colder weather, a checklist often helps to speed up and organize the process. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to ensure mold isn’t a threat to your health during New Jersey’s yearly freeze:

– Guard your roof. Trim your trees, get rid of any potential falling limbs that could put a hole in your holiday budget and your roofline.

– Call a good plumber. Leaks are open invitations for mold to come and coexist in your living space. Get your plumbing maintenance done ahead of time and save yourself high costs later on.

– Go for deep gutter cleaning. Falling branches, leaves, dirt and grime can clog up your gutters or downspouts leading to potential excessive moisture. Clear up the spaces that water travels through and invest in some downspouts that keep the water away from your home.

Choose a Trusted NYC Mold Removal Team

Start your season off right with a little help from the NYC Mold Removal Experts. Stern Mold wants to ensure your health and comfort this winter. Contact us today and we’ll help your lifestyle stays warm and bright!

Types of Mold Testing for Your Home or Business

Be Proactive in Your Approach to Mold. Get Your Home Tested Today!

Be Proactive in Your Approach to Mold. Get Your Home Tested Today!

How can you know if mold growth is a threat to your home or business without doing a little research? It’s impossible! What isn’t impossible is the fact that mold removal expertise is readily available.

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal team use mold tests to determine if mold is or will become an expensive problem in your future. There are many mold tests out there. With the right experts choosing which type of test will work for you, mold can become a thing of the past.

Type Testing

Mold comes in many different varieties. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of tests available to pinpoint a mold problem. Mold as a whole is not unique, but the tell-tale signs each type of mold produces can be wholly different. Here are some tests that mold removal teams use to identify the mold:

– Air Testing- This method evaluates the mold spores that may be lingering in the air.

– Bulk Testing- The material in your home is analyzed to determine what kind of mold concentration is in your home.

– Culture Testing- Here, live mold cultures are extracted and grown into larger mold colonies to identify the specific type of mold on your property.

– Surface Testing- Using swabs, tape or other collective materials, samples are taken from your home’s surfaces. These samples are analyzed in a laboratory.

Test Our Stern Mold Services

Our NYC mold removal crew knows how to retrieve and decipher results. If you are seeking answers, our methods and tested practices will keep you abreast of what mold could be doing to your property. Put Stern Mold to the test by contacting us today!

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