Fast Food: Mold Finds Home In Soda Dispenser and Soda Lids At a Fast Food Eatery

Get a Bottle of Water Instead of Soda the Next Time You Order Drive-Through.

Get a Bottle of Water Instead of Soda the Next Time You Order Drive-Through.

Mold isn’t just something you have to worry about inside your walls. This kind of fungus can make its way into more unusual places as long as there’s enough humidity for it to thrive. In fact, some restaurants have been found to have mold growing inside equipment, which could put customers and employees at risk.

Mold in Restaurants

Where might mold be growing inside dining establishments? Investigators in Columbia, MO found mold growing inside soda dispensers and soda lids at a Wendy’s. This happened due to a fluid line leak, which set up the right conditions for mold to grow.

When dining areas aren’t cleaned and checked regularly, mold colonies can establish to grow. This particular Wendy’s also had mold behind wallpaper in the front area. So, whether mold is inside equipment or in the walls, its presence in restaurants can quickly turn into a serious public health issue that needs to be dealt with right away.

What to Do About Mold

Mold can lead to health issues for some people if it’s left unchecked. Professional NYC mold removal services will eliminate it from residential and commercial buildings, so it can’t grow and thrive. Having professionals treat your home or business for mold is important, since this requires having the right kind of equipment and technique. Otherwise, mold can keep growing and cause a more widespread problem.

If you need NYC mold removal services for your home or business, contact Stern Mold as soon as you can.

Two Years and $3.6 Million Later, Ice Rink Is Finally Free of Mold

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Be on the Lookout for Chronic Mold Exposure!

An ice rink may not seem like an obvious place for Manhattan mold removal, but no buildings are immune from infestations. A major university recently learned the hard way how indoor mold can have an extensive and costly ripple effect.

When Mold “Breaks” Ice

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) has an Olympic-sized ice rink on campus that opened in 1988. According to Mick McComber, director of UMD’s recreational sports program, approximately 90 percent of all students participate in recreational and outdoor activities. The rink received extensive usage for club hockey, figure skating and open skating sessions.

In February 2018, the rink was closed after an annual inspection detected the presence of mold along the roof trusses. UMD senior project manager John Kessler explained that remediation efforts traced the cause of the mold to the HVAC system, which then had to be replaced.

Finally Mold-Free

At the time, UMD was also in the process of moving to an ammonia-based ice plant so they could discontinue use of a previous refrigerant that is now banned. Total bill for the entire project was $3.6 million, which came from a combination of student fees, state money and a loan from the university system. The rink has now been reopened to students, a full two years after the original closure.

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Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU – What You Should Know

Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU - What You Should Know

Mold Plagues College Dorms At LSU – What You Should Know

Mold can cause a wide range of health problems, especially for some individuals, so it’s important to have it removed promptly with NYC mold removal services. Unfortunately, mold can show up anywhere, including at schools and universities. Find out more about a recent mold problem at LSU that has been putting students at risk.

Mold Growth at LSU

Some areas of LSU, including the West Campus Apartments, North Hall and South Hall have been dealing with mold problems. These problem started during the fall 2019 semester and have continued to cause problems for students on campus.

One student noticed extensive mold growth in several areas of her room, such as on her mattress and door frame. Her room also felt much more humid than usual.

University staff members are taking steps toward handling these mold growth problems as quickly as possible to keep students safe.

Mold Growth Solutions

Mold problems can get out of control in a short amount of time when they’re not dealt with promptly. To keep you and your family safe, it’s crucial to have mold problems taken care of with professional treatment. This helps ensure that mold growth in your home is completely gone, so that you’ll have a lower risk of health issues.

Mold removal experts can also recommend steps to take to prevent your home from having a mold problem.

If you need NYC mold removal services, please contact Stern Mold today. We can thoroughly eliminate mold from your home or building.

Cellulose or Cellulove? What Mold Really Loves

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Building

Mold is a common sight on rotting tree trunks, so how does it show up in your bathroom? Our Manhattan mold removal experts explain the conditions leading to mold growth and how you can prevent it.

How Does Mold Develop?

Microscopic mold spores surround us constantly, indoors and outdoors. For the most part, these airborne particles are harmless. Problems arise when spores begin to reproduce and colonize surfaces inside a home or building.

Mold spores settle harmlessly unless they come in contact with moisture, which is the key to growth. Drywall, cardboard, wood and other cellulose materials are preferred surfaces for mold, although it can also grow in upholstery, carpeting and fabrics.

Types of Mold

Penicillium, Cladosporium and Aspergillus are the most common forms of mold overall, while Alternia is the most common indoor mold. Extended exposure to all four types can cause allergic symptoms, even in people who haven’t previously been subject to allergies.

Stachybotrys chartarum is often referred to as black mold or toxic mold. This type of mold emits mycotoxins that can trigger a range of health problems, from headaches and nosebleeds to muscle aches and memory loss.

Experts recommend maintaining indoor humidity levels below 60 percent to discourage mold growth. During cold weather months, it’s important to keep the house warm to prevent condensation, which can lead to mold.

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Not always the ‘Fungi’ – How To Keep Unwelcome Mold Out of Your Home

Don't Entertain Mold in Your Home

Don’t Entertain Mold in Your Home

Entertaining house guests is usually a good time, unless they’re the “fungi” variety. Keep nasty mold and mildew out of your home with these helpful NYC mold removal tips.

Difference Between Mold and Mildew

While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there’s a difference between mold and mildew.

• Mold generally appears black or dark green in color, with a slimy texture and musty odor.

• Mildew is usually gray or white and powdery or fluffy to the touch.

Mildew often appears on damp surfaces such as shower curtains, while mold is more invasive, finding its way into and behind walls, ceilings and hidden spaces. Mold is also associated with a number of health problems, more so than mildew.

Prevention and Cleaning Tips

Excess moisture is the primary cause of mold and mildew. Promptly repair broken pipes, leaky roofs and other causes of water build-up.

• Thoroughly dry affected surfaces after spills or flooding.

• Run the air conditioning regularly to keep humidity levels low. Dehumidifiers can also be useful.

• Be sure bathrooms, kitchens and other damp areas are well-ventilated.

• Make a cleaning solution with one cup of oxygen bleach powder to one gallon of hot water. Apply with a spray bottle and wait 30 minutes, then scrub the stains with a nylon stiff-bristle brush.

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